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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Wear - Halloween Costume Inspiration

Growing up Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. In elementary school it was all about the parade and getting to show off your costume to all the classes {minus the one time my mother made me be gum stuck under a table}. In high school it was all about staying out late and having shaving cream fights with your friends and of course coming back looking like a hot mess. In college it was all about the rented costume where me and my friends went all out for the campus parties. When I was in my twenties my tune changed and I wanted creative costumes that weren't from the store but from clothes I could wear again which included a time when I was a construction worker and wore my favorite destroyed denim with a boy's undershirt tank top {skin tight of course} and pink hard hat and tool belt. Another year it was a pirate of the Caribbean and another Carrie from Sex And The City. While my days of dressing up have unfortunately been over for quite a bit I still can't help but try to imagine a costume I would love to wear and when I saw the stylish Halloween accessories at BCBG I knew I could put together a fun costume worth sharing with you all. What are you dressing up as???

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