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Hey There! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. My name is Heidi A. Dooley {I have to throw that middle initial in there because if you say my name too fast, it sounds like Heidi Doody, not cute}.  I started this little blog back in 2011 as my creative outlet for all the things that I come across and love. I share bits about my life, fashion, travel, interiors and general lifestyle. While I am originally from Long Island, NY - I now live in Boston's charming Beacon Hill neighborhood with the love of my life. I have always find myself drawn to blogs where you know the person behind the computer, so let's get to know each other a bit shall we?

I grew up in the burbs but I am a full fledged city girl at heart. Come summertime, I adore small island living and like to spend as much time as possible visiting family on Shelter Island and our annual getaway to Nantucket with my husband. I believe that humor is the best quality in any person {a sarcastic sense of humor is an added bonus}. I believe in true love, being a good friend to those who are a good friend to you, classic and timeless style in everything from real estate to fashion, making lists so I don't forget anything {even though I always forget something}, going to the beach anytime of the year, loyalty and that puppies can fix any bad mood. The simple pleasures in my life include but are not limited to - weekend getaways, satisfying our wanderlust, flowers for no reason at all, throwing a dinner party or any party for that matter, a frothy vanilla chai tea latte on a cold day, truffle french fries with parmesan, margaritas in any flavor and indulging in a lazy day inside with my husband where we have zero plans.
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