Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Girls Weekend

Very early tomorrow I head off to celebrate my best friends bachelorette. Since she lives up in Maine we don't get much time together anymore so I am very much looking forward to catching up on our girl talk, laughing till our stomachs hurt and relaxing in some sunshine. While my laptop will not be making the packing list, the day and night looks below did. So until I return next week, I am going radio silent on my little corner of the blogosphere but you know me...I will of course be sharing some snaps of our travels on my instagram.
Untitled #760

shop the above look below

Untitled #761

shop the above look below

Puppy Love

If you have seen my instagram it's pretty evident that I am puppy obsessed. Always have been, yet haven't had the opportunity to add one into our family. I am hoping that is all going to change with our new apartment this fall. I grew up with three dogs, my parents have two, my sister has two, and my brother has one. I mention this as we will be bringing the sixth dog into our family and need a breed that is easy to travel with since we are often on the go, needs to play well with others because  we have a big mix of breeds in our family and most importantly good with kids because we have four beautiful nieces who will be around the pup. The King Charles Cavalier is a front runner for its size and temperament but I would love any advice/insight you all have with other breeds! I have only had English Springer Spaniels my entire life and while I love them SO much, I think we need a smaller size for our city living and travel lifestyle. Next up...the fun task of a name!

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bowls // grooming brush // travel bed // water canteen // dog bed // shark toy // toy rope // bone chew toy // leather leash {also love this one} // collar // dog gift bag // biscuit jar // dog tag // bag holder // toy bin 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pretty Patterns

I don't wear a lot of patterns but when I do I always gravitate towards florals and stripes. I especially love them together for a good mix of prints. So while nothing is in bloom yet here in Boston, mother nature has finally graced up with some warmer weather and I am all about adding some Spring fashions into my closet. A few of my favorite prints and patterns are below!

Untitled #758

Striped Button Down {so cute with a colorful floral flat & white denim} // floral scarf // floral sweatshirt // white floral skirt // blue & white floral dress // jumpsuit // iPhone case // floral pumps // floral shorts // striped tee {have & love - goes with everything} // striped flats //  striped ruffle peplum 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

PMS Ice Cream

I have said it over & over again here that packaging is everything. You can dress up a plastic baggy of  dirt and give it clever marketing I will likely buy it. So when I saw a college student from Oklahoma was designing ice cream containers with a witty take on the brutal hell women go through every month also known as PMS, I thought to myself this is genius! Now we just need an ice cream company to come in and fill these hilarious containers with some delicious ice cream for our enjoyment. I personally could see seven flavors in the product lineup, one pint for each day of the week. I also would add in a flavor like - Why am I crying? or something for the prego ladies out there, like I can't see my feet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I so don't want to wish away summer, especially since it's still so cold here in Boston but to say I am excited to move into our new home would be a severe understatement. I am working on each little area of the apartment to find the perfect pieces to make it really feel like ours even if it's just a rental while we continue to search for our forever home. Since I already shared the kitchen, I thought I would share the little area that will be our entry. A place to store our shoes, keys, mail and so on. I know, I know...more white...I just want to keep the space clutter free and airy. I am totally obsessed with the faceted mirror for last minute make up checks while heading out the door. The decorative box will be perfect for storing keys and miscellaneous objects while the tray will hold the mail and fresh blooms are always a must in my home. Have a great day everyone!

Untitled #754

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stylish Sales

Hi everyone...it's that time again, sale time! So many good sales going on around the web I thought I would share a few of my favorites for you all to treat  yourself or that special someone in your life. With wedding season around the corner I am personally on the hunt for the perfect dresses to be a guest at this summers soiree's. Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Morning friends! Quick post as we are in NYC & I am sans laptop. Are you with me when I say that the best social media platform is Instagram? I absolutely love it & am always looking for a way to save my photos in a way that requires little effort yet keeps them organized in a tidy manor. So when my fabulous friend mentioned Chatbooks where she created tiny albums of her favorite snaps I was instantly intrigued. Photo albums have always been cherished by my family. My dad to this day keeps moments of our life perfectly preserved in a series of leather albums that we love to look at. That kind of dedication takes serious time and dedication, something we all don't have. I adore how petite and simple the albums are and even better they start at $6! They make perfect gifts, keepsakes and a way to capture your favorite memories in a stylish way. Check them out and download their app to get started on your own memory book! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently Coveting

With a rainy weekend ahead here in Boston, I have a feeling my husband and I will be having a very low key weekend...I absolutely loathe going out in the rain and instead I plan on spending all day Saturday watching movies in our pajamas and perhaps even indulge in a little online shopping. I have had my eye on a few items and while I won't be getting all of them I do believe one of those beauties below will have to become mine. I am loving that flare jeans are back along with some other 70's styles like fringe. I totally welcome the bohemian and hippie chic look with open arms. Oh and that little white dress might just be the most perfect feminine frock for this summer's  parties...now if only I could learn to not spill whenever I wear white. What are you currently coveting?

Untitled #757

shop them all below 

update - poncho sold out - I found on sale here

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