Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - For The Littles

One of my favorite gift guides to compose is that for the kiddos in our life. I have always enjoyed shopping for my nieces and even though they aren't so little anymore I still hope to through in an element of surprise with their gifts. There literally is something for everyone here, from babies to toddlers to big kids. Happy Shopping!

Untitled #829

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Holiday pajamas are a big gift in our house. I love these ones for boys and these for girls.

Got a little in the big apple? How cute is this coffee cup toy? I also love this NYC block {other cities available here}.

This would have been right up my ally as a kid, a jewelry kit filled with beads to get creative with.

These adorable animal speakers are so cute for a kids room. I think the panda is my favorite.

Who doesn't love a great big coloring book? Especially with scented markers. This colored pencil set is also adorable.

This colorful dome tent is the perfect kid hangout. I am pretty sure I would have hid in there all day with all my toys when I was younger.

I had to include a drone. This one is perfect for the littles to get used to a flying object.

I wish this sweatshirt came in my size. Definitely need.

This ride on scooter converts to a kick scooter as your little grows.

This jacket & doll combo is sweet beyond words.

I am obsessed with these superhero capes for kiddos. Good god they are adorable. Check them all out here. 

These Jellycat plush dolls are soft & stylish. The ostrich is my favorite but really they are all cute.

Star Wars bedding for the science fiction addicts.

A bright microscope for the kiddos interested in science. {cheaper version here}

Saw that this dragon was on the hot toy list so scoop it up before its gone!

Got a reader on your hands? This set of the classics is a great way to start a library.

This mouse in a matchbox is too cute for words. Don't get me started on the cigar box set with the mom & dad.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Cash or Credit

Happy Monday friends! I know getting back into the work cycle after a long week really bites but I also hope you are all starting to take advantage of the incredible sales online. I put together a little outfit inspiration for a look for less that I like to call cash or credit. I just love the color combination of this army green with the pink faux fur hood. I was so thrilled to find it at two very different price points. The best part, most of the outfit below is marked down even further for all the cyber Monday sales. Happy Shopping!
Untitled #828

cash - jacket // sweater // bag // flats // denim
credit - jacket // sweater // bag // flats // denim


Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sales

Hi friends, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I am late to the game today as my guests just left but wanted to put together my annual list of sales, coupon codes and deals of all the incredible Black Friday sales. I just picked up this sweater for myself - oops. Oh & my favorite flats are seriously reduced here, I am kicking myself for paying full price. Happy Shopping!

Abercrombie & Fitch - Entire Store 50% Off {Online Only}
American Eagle - 40% off
Ann Taylor  - 50% off Sitewide and In Store 
Anthropologie - 30% off sitewide
ASOS - 30% off sitewide 
Bailey44 - 40% off sitewide 
Banana Republic - 50% off 5 regular-priced items sitewide
Barneys New York - 40% off sitewide
BaubleBar - 30% off purchases 
Bergdorf Goodman - 40% off sitewide
BirchBox - Sales starting at 10% off
Bloomingdale’s - Extra 25% off a large selection of items sitewide
Boden - 30% off + free shipping and returns
Coach - 30% Off select styles
Express - 50% off everything In Store and Sitewide + Free Shipping 
Francesca’s - 30% off sitewide
GiGi New York - Receive a gift card up to 35% of your purchase PLUS a personalized leather case
Gorjana - 30% off curated category
Hollister Co. - Entire Store 50% Off Sitewide and In Store 

J.Crew40% off sitewide {collection excluded}

LOFT - 40% off Sitwide
Lulu Frost - 25% off sitewide and 20% off fine jewelry

Madewell25% off sitewide

Nordstrom - Take an extra 20% off selected sale items
Serena and Lily - 25% off sitewide
Shopbop - Spend $200+, get 15% off; Spend $500+, get 20% off; Spend $800+, get 25% off
Steve Madden - 30% off + 30% off clearance
Tommy Hilfiger - 50% Off Sitewide
Tory Burch - 30% off any purchase of $250+
 Urban Outfitters - Buy one get one 50% Off ALL apparel

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Etsy Love - Christmas Gift Wrap

Last year I chose to wrap my gifts above with the beautiful calligraphy paper from The Hive Studio, a lovely little calligraphy shop on Etsy. While I am still totally enamored with the above look and plan on using up all the extra paper we have again this year, I have been on the hunt for some additional gift wrap option from Etsy sellers. A few of my favorites are below. 

I am absolutely obsessed with this colorful chinoiserie paper that literally covers your packages with beautiful art. 

more of the beautiful Hive Studio work 

simple typography paper is modern and clean 

skip the traditional colors and opt for this ho ho ho paper

What is black, white & red all over? A Newspaper! haha. For some reason that joke from childhood has stayed far too long in my memory & when I saw this cute paper with holiday doodles and words of the season I knew it was one to share. 

dancing deer with a pretty vintage quality on the prettiest palette

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - For the Host & Hostess

I know it's hard to think about gift guides before Thanksgiving has graced us but the truth is the holiday season is upon us. As we start receiving invitations to festive parties you will quickly realize how nice it is to have something on hand to gift the host or hostess. The best part is that everything is under $60! So instead of gifting the usual bottle of wine {ideas below on how to even jazz that up} why not give something a little extra to the person who so thoughtfully put together an evening to create special memories. 

Untitled #827

Kate Spade is undoubtedly the queen of quirkiness and her holiday line of goods for the kitchen is so adorable. I love this trio of oven mitts and this apron and recipe book also are great additions. 

Sugar Paper killed it again with their line with Target. I absolutely love this planner and pen set for helping keeping a busy host/hostess organized. 

Bringing a dessert to a party this year? Why not bring it on a beautiful cake stand for pretty displaying. Love this red Le Creuset but also love these other options too

A candle is a trusty gift for any occasion. I love giving them in a festive scent that matches the time of year we are in. There is also a great selection of seasonal scents here

Wrap a pretty ribbon around this plaid throw and your gift is ready to give. 

Who doesn't love a puzzle, a fun gift for the family to do together especially one that when completed turns into something pretty. 

Have a host/hostess who loves to cook. I adore gifts that are sets. Why not give them the gift of breakfast with the most adorable pancake moldsmix, and delicious syrup and petite pitcher

Something monogrammed had to make the list. Adore these gilded mugs and the candy stirrers are the perfect partner to gift a pretty duo. 

Some of my favorite housewarming gifts have been books to enjoy. I think this celebrate everything would be a big hit for anyone who likes to host. I personally enjoyed this one & this one too. 

Dying over these marble cutting boards & coasters. They are so gorgeous & feminine. Who wouldn't want them?!

Finally embellish you wine gift with a fun holiday label or wine tote to make your gift little extra special. 

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Thank you

Before heading back to normal programming {holiday gift guides coming right up} I wanted to write a big warm heartfelt thank you to everyone who reached out regarding my post on our journey to hopefully become parents. While I wish that there wasn't so many woman facing the struggle of starting, growing or deciding if they want a family all together, the truth is that we all have a similar situation in common and the lesson learned is that we are certainly not alone. I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, love and understanding that came my way after sharing our story. To everyone who emailed me and trusted me with their own story, to the friends who texted that they are cheering for us. To the gals who offered to send books that helped them, recommendations on doctors in the area. To the woman who shared their success stories of IVF and shared photos of their smiling babies. I am so grateful for each & everyone of you. I fully understand why we don't discuss such things. It's soooo damn depressing and sad but the truth is we are all bursting at the seams wanting to talk about what we are going through. Bottling up all those feelings inside of us is just is too much to bear on our own. I am very aware my story isn't tragic. I wish I didn't know women who have had to deal with more severe situations then us but I do. Those are the women who inspired me to share my feelings. They encouraged me to start a conversation and I hope to keep that one going through our journey. Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful and encouraging words. The emails, the calls and the texts, I woke up the next day to so much love. I am so grateful to be supported by so many incredible women. Oh & to the few fellas that reached out, you are awesome too. We are now off to round two of our IVF journey. I'll be occasionally be updating our process as things happen for us to keep our story going. I am also here for anyone who wants to talk, please feel free to reach out to me at heidi@dooleynotedstyle.com anytime. xo. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our Path to Parenthood

Dear Lady, 

I will never have words to thank you for the physical and emotional suffering you are enduring for our family. You are the strongest person I have ever known. Always remember how proud I am to call you my wife and how deeply loved you will always be. 

All my love, John 

I don't share too many personal bits here on the blog. I tend to keep the content light, fill it with pretty things and not indulge too much of what is going on in our life outside of travel. However, today that is all about to change. A few weeks ago I read this quote "If you're afraid to write it, thats a good sign. I suppose you know you're writing the truth when you're terrified" and ever since then I have had a strong urge to write and share the incredibly challenging journey me and my husband have been facing for the past year and a half to become parents. The above words from my love might just be my greatest gift I have ever been given...unconditional love and devotion when you literally feel you are at your worst.  It arrived on a day last week where I was falling apart emotionally and physically and was just the lift I needed to power through. Our story is below. 

It all started around late Spring 2015 as we approached four years of marriage and decided that we were ready to start trying for a family. We tried and tried the good old fashioned way for ten months when we found out in April that I was pregnant. It was by far the happiest moment of my life, staring down at several tests of two little pink lines made my heart so full.  I couldn't believe all our dreams were coming true and that I was going to be a mom. Then a very two short weeks later I miscarried and all of that baby happiness was robbed from us. I was completely crushed. There would be no telling our moms on mothers day they were going to have another grand baby, no turning the guest room into a nursery, no gushing to my friends that I soon would be part of the ever exclusive mom tribe. It was all gone and I felt filled with guilt and empty at the same time. After a horrible ordeal of getting the pregnancy completely out of my system we were put on a "trying to conceive" hold by our doctor. We were told to go enjoy our summer and discuss next steps in September. So while we tried to indulge in the simple pleasures of summertime there was always the pain of our loss lingering in the back of our minds. We didn't tell too many people which made for a very isolating experience. I felt alone and sad but unable to talk about it. Would I be judged for being overly sad at an early pregnancy loss. Would expectations be put on me to get back to normal if I had opened up. It felt safer to keep it all in and only share my story with a few close friends and family. I felt angry that my body failed me and my husband. I felt as a woman I was supposed to be able to create life, I was supposed to have control over my body, we are supposed to be able to turn the men we love into father's. Instead I had zero control and felt utterly helpless. It is by the far the hardest thing I have ever faced. 

So there we were again, in a holding pattern. The ultimate waiting game. It kind of feels like you are in a dream where you are running as fast as you can but aren't going anywhere. We started all sorts of infertility testing, making sure I was healthy to proceed with trying for another baby. IVF seemed to be our best option and after everything came back looking good we were off on our first round of hormone shots, numerous doctor appointments and the hopes that we would create a baby. Being a newbie to IVF, I truly believed that if I just did everything the doctor told me that it would work. I lost weight, I worked out several days a week. I gave up drinking, caffeine and anything else they told me that could be harmful to my ability to reproduce. I did everything I was told only to find out round one was a total failure. We retrieved seven eggs, only one fertilized and after genetic testing came back with chromosonal imbalances. That one little embryo baby I already was so fiercely rooting for wasn't going to be a viable pregnancy. So yet again we found ourself in another waiting game. A hold to start the next round where the shots are more often and the meds are stronger. I often find the waiting to be the hardest part, first it was waiting to see if your pregnant, waiting when you are pregnant to get good news from a dr. waiting to heal from your pregnancy loss...waiting, waiting, waiting.  For anyone who knows me it should come as no surprise that I truly need to work on my patience. 

I wanted to share my story as a way to reach out to other woman who may have been also experiencing loss of a pregnancy or fertility issues. While I would never wish this on any woman to ever experience I have found so much comfort in connecting with others about their own journeys to start a family and wish I had known them sooner. I know sharing their story publicly isn't for everyone but I promise to keep your privacy and just want you to know you are not alone. Please feel free to reach out to me heidi@dooleynotedstyle.com if you ever want to talk. If you are interested in following our journey I will be sharing updates on our journey via instagram and occasionally back here on the blog. 

Quotes of comfort and a campaign that I have found friends with similar stories can be found here. If you know of anyone experiencing a pregnancy loss or fertility issues check out these cards or some of the quotes I found below. Offer them your ear. Tell them you are there for them. Reach out once in a while and let them know they are loved. Believe they need all the tenderness they can get.  

passages like the one below can be found in this book 

i woke up thinking the work was done
i would not have to practice today
gone were the moments i'd
split into tears because my past cracked open

how naive. to think it was that easy. 

healing has no end point
no summation
no finish line to cross
healing is everyday work
the act of dedicating the self to 
surviving what happened to me

-rupi kaur 


Monday, November 7, 2016

Thanksgiving Wear

This year we are hosting our family for Thanksgiving in Boston. Since we are dining out I am torn about what to wear this year. Considering the holiday is one that is based around indulgence in delicious stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. I would say it's safe to say key is comfort. While most of us would be thrilled to be in our loosest of clothing I put together three looks that will help hide your Thanksgiving food baby wether it be under a loose blouse, a comfortable sweater or a ruffled dress  :).
Untitled #826

coat // earrings // clutch // pumps // blouse // denim // belt

Untitled #826

sweater coat // watch // boots // clutch // turtleneck // skirt // earrings

Untitled #826

dress // sandals // earrings // clutch // blazer

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boot Season

Confession, I loathe boots. I know, I know...I am weird. I also hate socks but will save that for another day {or more importantly not even bore you with that another day}. You will find me always wearing my beloved flats till the first snowflake falls. I refuse to be in those torture chambers a second sooner that I have to be. However living in Boston means I lose my battle with the boot pretty early on and will succumb to shoes that will protect my piggies from being numb. Thankfully this season there are a plethora of boots that offer style and function. What a concept! I rounded up my top three in each category to get you covered from a chic knee boot to an adorable waterproof suede bootie as well as the essential snow boot for our annual blizzards in these parts. 
Untitled #825

knee boots - one // two // three
booties - one // two // three
duck boots - one // two // three
moto boots -  one // two // three
snow boots -  one // two // three

shop all the above & more with the images below 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dining Dilemmas

As we are halfway into our second year in our new home I still can't believe how I haven't made my mind up on so much of the decorating. One item that has been on my to do list was finding new dining chairs. Since we spend most of our time in the open concept main room where the kitchen, the living rom and dining room are all in, it seems sensible to have those pieces be first priority. Since we want to stay here as long as possible while we search for a forever home to purchase I still want the decor to reflect our personal style. So I am turning to you all for your insight and help in selecting a new chair for our main room dining. Our dilemma lies with all the varieties of wood in one room which has me leaning towards an upholstered chair to break up the off white kitchen, the dark mahogany built in's and coordinate it to the color of the table top. Which one of the six is your favorite??? 

   Untitled #824

one // two // three // four // five // six // table

 all kitchen items can be found here
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