Monday, September 22, 2014

The Holiday Card

I am tin the middle thirties and have yet to ever send out holiday cards, it's embarrassing. Especially when I love getting them so much. Seeing friends and families kiddos grace the cover of the card is so fun that time of year. I could easily go into my arsenal of excuses for reasons that I haven't done them like i.e. collecting the address is too time consuming {easily solved with ink invite}, when we have a child {or a dog} and have something to show people then I will start doing them, I am always past the ordering deadline, or just share the honest truth...I am just too lazy. Well this year thanks to the encouragement of my friend Amelia and my talented photog friend I think I think it's time to bite the bullet and get my butt in gear. So I have been dreaming up a few concepts to do a photo card like the one below - my husband is naturally thrilled {can you feel the sarcasm?}. I personally wish I could think of something hilarious to send out but till the perfect idea comes to mind I am leaning towards a little photo shoot I dreamt up of  having a Christmas picnic at the beach! 
What are you doing for your holiday card this year? 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Off to Amsterdam!

Morning friends! We arrived early this morning in Amsterdam to celebrate my husbands birthday. I am so excited to check into our hotel and get ready to explore this beautiful city with my best friend. Since he is often telling me to live more in the moment and disconnect from "e- world" I am going to be signing off for the rest of this week to soak up this experience with my love. I will be back on Monday hopefully with lots of inspiration to share with you all. I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend! P.S. How cute is Rifle Paper's city print below, love everything she does!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Colors of Autumn

I am so happy I live in a part of the country that has a full four seasons. Ok...ok, I admit come January I am 100% hating on winter and begging my husband to take me away to warmer climates but September - December has by far got to be my favorite months in New England. Boston was made for this time of year...the falling leaves perfectly coordinate with the old brick buildings and the  mild temps are just right for strolling around comfortably. While I find my closet is consumed by lots of black and white, I do love the colors that are inspired by fall and look forward to embracing the warmer hues all season long.  So bring on the rich golds, forest greens, pumpkin oranges, burgundy's and navy's... I want to see & wear it all! A little round up of my fall favorites are below.

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silk blouse // iPhone case // blazer // suede tote // scarf // boot // notebooks // earrings // sweatshirt
// dress // skirt // sandals // cross body purse

Trendspotting - Houndstooth

Happy Monday friends! Sorry for the late post...I was plagued by a killer migraine last night that put me out of commission. Feeling much better today and wanted to share some more of my love affair with the color combination of black and white. I very rarely embrace patterns even though I always love them on other people. When I do wear prints,  I typically opt for a pattern that is a bit more subtle i.e. that beautiful poncho below {that I want to wrap myself in and take a nap with}. Houndstooth is generally considered a bold print for me but I am seriously loving the mixing of prints {hello perfect clutch}, shadowy shapes and blurred lines of some of the styles below. Some prints lend themselves to certain seasons and this is definitely one I will be welcoming come this fall!

Untitled #681

poncho // pumps // scarf // iPhone case // dress // pants // clutch // tote // baseball cap

P.S. Speaking of fall - have you seen the sale happening over at J.Crew...You can score the clutch & pumps above at 25% off with the code SHOPFORFALL.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Silk Blouse

Happy Friday friends! Thank you to those who checked in and reached out on yesterday's personal post. As promised I am back to normal programming and sharing some fashionable items that I love. Whenever I am stuck on what to wear I always fall back on my favorite combination of a loose fitting silk blouse and some flattering denim like these or these. It's always comfortable, looks polished yet it's easy and can be quickly accessorized with a leather jacket, sexy shoes or fun accessories.
What is your go to look? 

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Equipment Nude Signature Silk Blouse // DVF Graphic Printed Blouse // Haute Hippie Lariat Blouse // J.Crew Green Silk Pocket Blouse // Joie Printed Blouse // Rebecca Taylor Floral Blouse


Sharing a little something different then my usual blog posts today. After all, a day like today deserves something more special, don't ya think? We all have our story from September 11th. Where you were when you heard, how you felt when we realized our country had been attacked by terrorists and all the days after that waiting and hoping more people would be found alive amongst the rubble. My story doesn't compare to so many others yet I feel writing about it is very here it goes.

I was a recent college graduate and working at an Internet startup company in NYC. I was about 20 blocks from the Twin Towers and had a straight line view of them outside my office. I commuted into NYC this day like every other, except on Tuesdays, my dad commuted with me to his office. We parted in Penn station where I hopped on the subway to head downtown and he headed to his office in midtown next to the Empire State Building. I exited the subway that morning about two minutes after the first plane hit. When I hit the sidewalk and saw everyone pointing up to the World Trade Center and saw black smoke and fire coming from a gigantic hole in the side of the building I immediately started asking people what happened. Someone mentioned a plane hit it and all I could think was a small piloted plane must have wiped the building and fell to the ground, boy was I wrong. I went right up to my office to find out nothing had been reported yet but could hear the slew of sirens outside heading downtown. I called my mom right away and said one of the Twin Towers had a fire and I wanted to make sure that our Uncle no longer worked there, luckily he didn't. After hanging up with her all the phones almost immediately stopped working and all I was left with was instant messenger where I reached out to my college friends to spread the news. All within the fifteen minutes that I was in my office the second plane hit and we heard the most horrible noises coming from our beloved city. We all ran out of our building to see what was happening only to witness the second tower also in flames, broken windows of trapped people waving for help and the unfortunate fate of people who took their own lives by jumping out of windows, it was all devastating tragic. I knew at that moment to not go back to work but to head uptown away from the chaos that was consuming lower Manhattan. I had left everything in my office except my cell phone, I was so unprepared for what was unfolding that day...I just kept running uptown to my dads office trying to reach him over and over to tell him to get out of his building {I was afraid the Empire state building was next}. I miraculously got through to him around 14th street where he said he would evacuate as soon as I got there. As I reached midtown Manhattan I witnessed the first tower fall to the ground to say it was surreal doesn't give it justice. I literally couldn't believe my eyes were watching this happen and I felt paralyzed by fear. I saw New Yorkers screaming, running, crying and trying to get into closing stores to use phones. I eventually made it up to my fathers office only to evacuate all of his employees uptown to our families apartment. While heading uptown we were able to check in on my sister and her husband to make sure they were all okay. We all watched the news on repeat showing the planes hit and all the events unfolding thereafter. My poor mom was stuck at our house on Long Island while her entire family was in NYC, unreachable and unable to get home. In a total haze of the days events I had no idea what the following days, weeks and months would dish out. The next day I found out some college friends were missing and some people from my hometown. I attended daily candlelight vigils at homes of my missing friend, endlessly searched the web for news of people who were recovered and constantly called friends homes to hear if any good news had been discovered. Unfortunately too many good people including my friend didn't make it home and are forever missed, especially my friend Pete.

 I think of you often, more today then any other day. I will always remember our four hour drive back to Long Island for the Thanksgiving holiday freshman year. Seeing your family pile out of the house with excitement knowing you were home, including your adorable three legged pooch that warmed my heart. I am grateful that four years later during our first year of working in NYC together that I got to run into you at the train station for quick catchups and the occasional commute home on the hellish extra long local train back to Long Island where you would be carrying piles of books for all the finance tests you had to take. Every time I hear Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" I can picture you at a Bentley College party singing along and have to believe you are doing good things up in heaven as you did here on earth. You are forever missed. 

You may have seen the gratitude challenge going around on Facebook. Something I was tagged in from my sister. For five days you share three things you are grateful for and tag others in to do the same. I thought I would take the opportunity to share my challenge here in one post and challenge anyone else who is interested to do the same.  So below is my challenge completed in one day, all 15 things I am most grateful for today more then ever. 

1. I am grateful that this day 13 years ago everyone in my family made it out of NYC unharmed. 
2. I am grateful that everyone in my family is healthy & happy. This is the best gift.
3. I am grateful for my parents and siblings, nothing is better then when we are all home together.

 I am grateful for my husband, he is my best friend, my soul mate and my entire world. I don't know how I got so lucky. 

5. I am grateful for my four beautiful nieces that make me smile everyday.

6. I am grateful for the friends I have made in college {not all shown}. They are still my best friends today & forever.

7. I am grateful for the friends I have made in Boston as an adult, they are people I hope to know for years and years to come.

8. I am grateful for my families furry babies. These four legged family members bring so much happiness and laughter to our life, even when they are naughty.

9. Grateful for my "faux" cousin & first friend who I can count on for the longest running inside jokes and the most ridiculously funny memories with. 

10. I am grateful for all the travel I have been fortunate enough to experience past and present.

11. I am grateful for my in-laws who raised the wonderful gentleman that I get to share my life with.

12. I am grateful that 3 years ago we were given a wedding that fulfilled all our dreams and more.

13. I am grateful for laughter, nothing feels better then something that makes you laugh till it hurts.

14. I am grateful for our little city home. We will always remember this apartment as our first place together and where we dream of big things for the future.

15. I am grateful for so much more then I could ever list here but I am most grateful for the life I get to live and the people I get to share it with. I am one lucky lady and I remind myself of it everyday!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Around Here

Morning friends! The Mr. and I landed late last night in Las Vegas for a brief work trip {and a little fun of course}. I left the lap top behind so today is a very brief post sharing a few favorites from around the web. I will be back to normal programming later in the week but in the meantime I will be sharing travel pictures over on Instagram and fun links over on Facebook
I hope you have a great week!

I love a party with a theme, so these piƱata invitations are perfect for your next fiesta!

How pretty is this Autumn essentials watercolor? Good News is you can print it for free here

Have you heard of tattoo paper? Well it's pretty awesome and can help you make these darling muslin bags for a favor or storing baubles. 

Love this simply designed stamp for making your own business cards. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cash or Credit

Happy Friday friends, hope you all had a great week! We are back in Boston after a little road trouble yesterday on our way home from NYC {thanks I-95 for the crater sized potholes}. I have to say my tendency to overpack really came in handy with our little last minute overnight stay in Connecticut. One item I have been packing no matter where the destination is my favorite dressed up sweatshirt, this simple wardrobe staple is comfy without being sloppy and easily dressed up with the right accessories. When

Untitled #679

Cash - sweatshirt {on sale & in navy too} // denim // clutch {more colors available} // sandals

Credit - sweatshirt // denim // clutch // sandals

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Booth Bus

Having a photo booth or perfectly put together backdrop at a party these days may not be a new concept but a photo booth in the form of a bus sure is new to me! I fell in love with this photo shoot from one of my favorite fashion bloggers and was so curious about the backdrop that I had to look into the adorable portable Photo Booth on wheels provided by Booth Bus. The 70's Volkswagon may be sporting a vintage look but the camera equipment on the interior provides high quality photograph, props and backdrop all in one. So all you lucky folks in northern California - think about this fun feature for your next party...I sure do wish they had one here in the North East. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fancy Feet

Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean we have to transport our little tootsies right from sandals to boots! I personally love transitioning back into flats come fall, especially when flats are getting some serious style like the little lovelies below. Living in a city means a lot of walking and it's very important to me to not sacrifice style for comfort. While I do dread the initial breaking in of the shoes, I have learned a few tricks to avoid the oh so painful back of the heel blister. One - break in the shoes with some socks around the house, the thicker the sock the better. Yes you may look like a crazy person but it stretches them out just enough to be comfy when you hit the streets. Two - Wear advanced healing band aids before the blister, protecting the back of your foot with these cushy band aids will help soften the rubbing on the back of the heal. Three - Add a sticky gel cushion to the back of your shoe so the soft material touches your foot instead of the stiff leather.  Four - Some department stores offer complimentary stretching of the shoe with purchase. Neiman Marcus has done for me in the past & it was awesome & if not a local cobbler can likely do for you too. Finally, Five - Apply subtle heat with a blowdryer to the part of the shoe that is tight and when warm flex the fabric around by hand to loosen the trouble spots, be careful on synthetic materials. Enjoy your happy and fancy feet!
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