Sunday, July 27, 2014

Party In The Back-ing

There is a piece of jewelry having a major moment right now...the stud earring. The earring with a jacket backing is as decorative in the front as it is in the back is making some major trend waves in the fashion world. I first saw the pearl version on my lovely friend Kate and was curious about the new statement piece. It seems everywhere I turn today there is a new design of earring is making it's way on the fashion scene. Whether you covet the ear cuff, the single earring or my favorite the original statement there is a plethora of options available for your stylish cravings.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Custom Clothing

Admit it, there is nothing quite like finding a dress that perfectly fits. It's an instant boom to the old self esteem and when you like the way you look, you can ooze confidence when walking into a room. However, having clothes made custom wasn't really affordable, that is until I found out about a few online retailers like Piol and Numari that allow you to tailor a dress to your style and size. Piol breaks down the color process for you based on your skin, hair and eye color then let's you choose your desired silhouette, fabrics, lengths and so on. The most fun part is it shows you what the finished item will look like throughout the process. Numari is a bit different and gives you a few already designed options to choose from allowing you to change, hem, sleeve and some other details all made to your measurements.  Oh & you want some custom shoes to go with that new dress, you can pick color, heel size, strap designs and so much more with Upper Street.

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Tasting Room

I feel like a broken record these days with my bad posting habits. Honestly, the internet was horrific in NYC and I couldn't get a single thing done without losing my mind, so my sincere apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. I don't know how anyone gets anything done in that city! We arrived in Washington D.C. last night and lucky for me the internet is working - yahooooooo! As I was perusing instagram last night, I spotted such fun concept on one of my favorite bloggers - Note To Self feed and I thought I would share with you in case you haven't seen. The Tasting Room is a personalized wine club where you are sent samples of several wines which allows you to try a variety of brands and different grapes to find the perfect wine to satisfy for your taste. The starter kit {$9.95} will send you a few petite sample bottles of which you rate to your liking, submit to the company and they curate larger bottles based on those reviews. It's such a clever idea for those who can find selecting wine a daunting process. It also makes a great gift for the wine lovers out there!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take Me Away - Hollywood

Morning friends! So sorry for the late post but the internet at our hotel is absolutely atrocious, making it impossible to blog or get any work I will make today quick or my lap top might wind up 25 stories down onto the NYC sidewalk out of sheer frustration.  I have only been to Los Angeles twice and at the time I thought that was enough for me as I wasn't fully impressed with the people or what I felt was a very superficial vibe. However, following some LA bloggers and other creative types, I realize my visit about a decade ago was simply one that I wasn't going to the right places.  Enter Lombardi House, a beautiful restored former residence in Hollywood turned into a darling inn. The well furnished mansion was thoughtfully designed by Amber Interiors and offers four stylish suites for it's guest accommodations. Oh and to boot you can also host a stylish soiree in their former garage that has been renovated into chic event space. Just take a look below at the gorgeous images, classic design and old hollywood glamour this mansion has been restored too. 

how amazing would a party be in this all white space - oh the decorating possibilities!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Online Outlets

Growing up outlet shopping was a budding trend that definitely caught my attention. It usually meant a trip to the outdoor mall that always seemed so far from where we lived but it also included an entire day of plans with friends or my mom to hit up all the stores we loved to score a deal on. Back then, outlet shopping meant the items we were shopping were likely discontinued, imperfect or simply from last season {the last being my favorite for those items you wish you had purchased & never did}. These days many retailers create an entire line of merchandise for their "company stores" which can be based on previous designs, using more affordable materials and now what was once only available in the typical brick & mortar store, some outlet's are offering e-commerce solutions for those who just don't want to deal with the crowds, parking and hike to the often out of the way shopping plaza's. A few of my favorite online outlets are below!

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one - Did you know that Net-A-Porter's online outlet is the Outnet offering deep discounts on big time designers like this faux DVF wrap dress?

two - Premium retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue offer their outlet versions online like Saks Off Fifth which include stylish finds like this Rebecca Taylor lace peplum top.

three - American Eagle which is already an affordable retailer offers an even more wallet friendly version of itself with their online factory outlet.

four - Neiman Marcus is always a favorite of mine for the hottest trends so naturally their Last Call outlet is awesome, especially with designer bags on sale like this little Halston Heritage pink clutch!

five - BCBG is a first stop for great trendy designs. I personally love their sweaters and this cardigan with the open back is no exception, love their final cut outlet shop.

six - All hail the J.Crew & their equally awesome factory store which offers similar designs to previous seasons with a few tweaks. These floral pants are simply the cutest.

seven - Tommy Hillfiger offers a great company store online with chic finds like this classic trench.

eight - Zappos is one of my top hits for quick shipping finds, is there anything better then free overnight delivery? I think not. 6PM  is the little sister offering even bigger discounts on name brands like these Coach flats

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday friends! I know we are barely half way through summer and I am thoroughly enjoying the casual attire, comfy footwear and lack of layers but when deals like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale come along I can't resist taking a peak at the deep discounts for fall attire that will be available to the public starting today! After all isn't fall clothing just the most fun to shop for??? Some of my favorites that are part of this annual sale are below. Have a great weekend & happy shopping!
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This tan leopard Tory Burch scarf is neutral perfection & is perfectly paired with the always in style Chloe bag {so rare that a luxury bag like that is marked down}. Rebecca Taylor's tweed jackets are totally my jam, I think I need this navy & black number which looks so city chic with the Burberry cross body. Vince might be my most favorite brand ever, I have this leather jacket in navy & totally coveting it in black as well which looks so dang good with that leopard zipper clutch. Finally a Theory printed blouse would be so lovely under that leather jacket with a two tone clutch that doubles as a crossbody when your walking around town. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thirsty Thursday - Spirited Shirley

As a kid there was really nothing better then ordering a shirley temple when out to dinner with the family and when the bartender dressed the drink with extra cherries, I thought I had won the lottery.  The super sweet cocktail was always a treat for me and to this day I find myself stealing sips from my nieces as they order the same drink when we are dining out. So I thought it would be fun to take the classic drink and turn it into a cocktail, I know, I know, I am not reinventing the wheel here, this has been done time and time again calling it the "dirty shirley" - which is a name I absolutely loathe. So I bought some premium ingredients and added a ounce of vodka to my cocktail and created what I am going to call a "spirited shirley". Since I hate when my cherries sink to the bottom of my glass I thought I would braid the stems to keep them afloat for indulging while sipping. Cheers!


3 ounces ginger ale
dask grenadine
1 oz premium vodka
3 maraschino cherries


pour soda into a tall glass with ice
add dash of grenadine 
stir & garnish with cherries 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Style & Real Estate - Nantucket Edition

When you think of Nantucket, contemporary doesn't come to mind. In fact, the island's charm is based on the very detail that it has remained old fashioned since it's whaling days. One of the things my husband and I love about the quaint island is it's uniformity, every home has that grey shingle finish that is so quintessential New England. So when I came across an article in Architectural Digest about a home on the island that combines the look of traditional nantucket architecture but amps up the design with lots of modern features, I was intrigued. The compound features several craftily connected cottages creating a home that is far from the standard Nantucket abode. The genius architects behind this creative structure sure knew how to work with the endless town building rules to create something truly unique. Take a looksie for yourself below!

a totally modest exterior - but oh the beauty that lies behind those doors!

simple & perfect

bold modern art dress up the all white walls

every good beach house needs a bar right? 

extra long dining tables are perfect for entertaining a slew of guests 

movie night in this cozy theater wouldn't suck

there isn't anything in this master bedroom that screams "beachy" yet it feels just right for a summer home

I would never see my husband again with a shower like this!

who wouldn't want to be their guest?!

dreamy breezeways connecting the cottages maximize the view & natural light

this makes all my symmetry obsessed dreams come true

killer outdoor space for watching tennis or having cocktails seaside


One of the best things about shopping your local stores is that you come across new designers and brands that you may have otherwise missed while shopping at your usual brick & mortars or online. While visiting my family in Connecticut I strolled along the lovely little village of New Canaan and checked out a few home stores, some beauty stops and then some sparkly jewelry caught my eye. I of course had to try on some pieces and started to find everything I was drawn to was all from the same designer, NYLA STAR. I was told by the store that the designer Leslie Kumar lived in the area and created the line to be fun, sophisticated and affordable. Something I think every woman can be drawn too. I put together a little round up of my favorites and have been layering my new piece with my favorite Nantucket necklace. I love how delicate jewelry feels effortless in the summer, something about a statement necklace in 90 degree heat just doesn't work for me.

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all of the above can be found on her site

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's Party!

Morning friends! I am back in Boston for a few days after an amazing vacation in Nantucket with my love and a week in Connecticut celebrating my nieces birthday and some other special events. Every year I go down to help my sister throw my nieces a birthday party to remember, we always love getting creative and flexing our DIY muscles. The theme this year for Miss Lyla was a casual country fair. There were pony rides, farm animals for petting, concession stands filled with fun snacks, photo booths, games and more. It was such a great time for both the kids and the adults that I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favorite party items to throw your own little celebration!

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garland // piƱata // coasters // drink mixers // cupcake flags // bowls & forks // party hat // wine tote // drink stirrers // confetti pops // cake platter // sparklers // treat bags