Monday, February 8, 2016

Currently Coveting - Gray & White

Maybe it's all the gray weather and the snow covered city or perhaps my addiction to everything neutral but gray and white is having a major moment in my clothing right now. I absolutely love the two together for a crisp clean look that help me brighten up a dull winter wardrobe. A few of my favorites are below. 

Untitled #807

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Etsy Favorites - For The Home

I often turn to Etsy for personalized items that add finishing touches to a party or unique presents to gift to my favorite peeps. Until recently {purchased these beauties from a local potter last week} I realized that I haven't purchased many items for my home. So I thought I would share a few favorites I have discovered from this lovely little marketplace.

I love the simplicity of these "art culinary" prints to add a little something special to your kitchen decor. The botanical prints are pretty fabulous too. 

This bedding {also love this set} makes me want to crawl back into my bed and be a lazy daisy for the rest of the day. This rainy weather in Boston isn't helping matters either but let's face it, this photo looks like the softest most comfiest bedding ever and the price is amazing!

I love trios of vases and general home decor items. Vases in sets of three always draw my attention & I adore this particular pairing for it's polished yet rustic appeal with the stoneware. The narrow opening at the top of each vase will perfectly display a single stem or branch of your choosing. 

These stylish paper storage bags are so chic with their fun prints that all coordinate together so brilliantly. Their uses are endless for storing toys, decorations, blankets etc. 

I have a blanket addiction, I love them! The more throws the better & this shop sure makes some really great ones. 

Beautiful blue & white abstract art would be very cool in a baby boys room or a great pop of color to any neutral room. 

Decorate your shelves or add it in as a centerpiece that will last you months with little care. Terrariums and air plants are so very chic. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentines Day Gift Guide - For The Fellas

Anyone else find shopping for men a total challenge? I always struggle a bit with a great gift idea for my guy as his interests are super specific and I usually need him to tell me what he wants.  However this year I have decided to surprise him with something he doesn't know about, so I can't wait to give him his present! If you too need a little inspiration on what to buy for your special guy take a look at the little round up of some valentine colored favorites.
Untitled #806

plaid shirt // journal & space pen // fire candle // gloves hat & scarf // belt // weekender bag // sneakers // two tone wallet // watch // puffer // record player // shaving kit & hey handsome bag

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentines Day Gift Guide - For The Ladies

Valentines Day is right around the corner and while some may mark this day as cheesy or a "hallmark holiday", I say to each their own. I personally like a day that celebrates love and plan on spending it locally with my main squeeze and some friends with brunch at our favorite restaurant. Whether it be showing some love to a family member or kiddo with a sweet treat, something for your bestie or even something for your pup...Valentines day doesn't have to be all ooey-gooey. It's just a day to show the people who you care about that they are important to you. So whether the gift be a simple sweet note in a cute card, some beautiful flowers or an item that fits their interests {see below}, I put together a little round up of some gift giving inspiration {in all different price points of course} in my favorite blush hue that certainly beats any drugstore teddy bear!

Untitled #805

for the fashionista

purse // bracelet {more colors here} // sunglasses // shoes 

for the fitness buff

water bottle {dark pink also available} // yoga mat 

for the tech obsessed

laptop case {mini & regular ipad version here, fill it with this or this to make a super luxurious gift} // fit bit 

for the chef

pink le crueset 

for the sweet tooth

sugar lips // chocolates {more sweet options here & here

for the home

pink quartz platters // watercolor heart print // art crate {not pictured}

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Style & Real Estate - Fixer Upper

Did you all tune in today to see Hometown on HGTV? It was SO good! It had similar bits that really reminded me of my favorite show Fixer Upper without being the same show. Which brings me to today's post, have you seen their farmhouse tour in Country Living? I die, it's absolutely adorable, just like them! I mean, you cannot tell me you haven't thought about ditching your life wherever you live and picking up to move to Waco & have them turn some dilapidated shed into the home of your dreams. Anyone else have seriously career and family envy of Chip & Joanna? Four beautiful children, loving marriage, gorgeous farmhouse {I die over all their animals too, give me all the baby goats STAT}, thriving business, gorgeous storefront, furniture line, bed & breakfast, bakery to come, book deal...they literally have it all! HGTV really needs to have more feel good tv with shows like this & Hometown. I am so tired of the Property Brothers saturating the line up and don't even get me started on the dreadful Love It or List It, those two shows always show such stressed out homeowners who bicker with one another and the thanks. When I want to unwind in front of the television at night the last thing I want to see is stressful situations, I know that is real life, blah blah blah...but I much prefer a show where people are kind and happy throughout the program. I also would love to see HGTV take on more urban living shows. How great would it be to see old apartments in historic cities like Boston get the makeovers they so desperately need. I think there is real lack of city lifestyles portrayed on HGTV. So before I continue rambling on my show ideas and strong opinions on the shows that are on my beloved HGTV, let's take a look inside the farmhouse of the gorgeous Gaines family. Enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2016

This is your Hometown

Remember this cute couple above when I shared their amazing home back on the blog in 2014. Well, these two talented lovebirds have a show premiering on HGTV this Sunday! While I have not met them personally I have been adoring their work for some time now and have been lucky enough to communicate with them via social media channels which makes you feel like you know them. I first stumbled upon Erin's incredible design work when we were planning our wedding and I have been hooked on this couples sweet love for one another since then. Their blog shares all their precious stories and I highly suggest checking it out when you can. I can't wait to tune in this weekend, congratulations Erin & Ben!

Oh, one more thing, make sure to check out their newly launched Lucky Luxe Dry Goods & Ben's  handmade wood items at Scotsman Co.. I adore their eye for vintage items that truly stick to an aesthetic they live with in their own home and a lifestyle that is 100% Americana. If you follow their house tour online you will see how much sentiment is behind every single thing they have. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Naturally Beautiful

When it comes to decorative objects for the home I keep finding myself drawn to natural elements that make the most beautiful accent pieces. Whether it be a geode, crystal, piece of agate, marble and so on, there are oh so many clever and stylish ways to incorporate items found in nature into your home. I have become particularly fond of the geode and it's many layers of raw edges and natural colors. I have the above piece on our fireplace mantle thanks to a holiday present from my mom and in our guest room I have stacked piles of books on nightstands with more petite geodes in different colors that match our accent pillow. I also love this gifted piece for entertaining and these coasters on our coffee table are also a favorite aesthetically and for functionality. I pinned a bunch of other ideas for decorating with natural objects here to help get your inspiration going.

antler // candle // pink quartz available in store {white here// matches old {similar here} // box // books //  nightstand

jewelry box & tray {old west elm, similar here// books // amethyst // nightstand

Untitled #805

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's Get Local - Ceremony Boston

image via Hello Love Photography

Morning friends, I am so excited to share another"let's get local feature" with you all today showcasing the lovely Alix of Ceremony Boston. Located in my favorite nook of the city, the charming Beacon Hill is this gorgeous bridal boutique featuring the most dreamy of dresses. I so wish I could get hitched again {same guy of course, love you J} to wear one of these bohemian beauties and work with this talented wife & mama. When we were getting married back in 2011 Boston definitely was lacking on the variety in the bridal market and honestly no where had the aesthetic that you can find at Ceremony.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Alix like I do many of the other women I feature in this series, at local events where I get to learn so much more about my city & the ladies who are at the top of their game making this beloved city of ours the best it's ever been. So get your cup of morning caffeine and get comfy reading about this lovely lady and her beautiful boutique. xo Heidi

She said that she never really knew herself until she became a small business owner coming face-to-face with very high stakes on a daily basis. When you are in a business solo, this can be an extremely terrifying thing that really exposes yourself to yourself - including your deepest fears and insecurities.

Tell us a little about Alix, the gal behind the beautiful boutique. 

First and foremost these days I am a mama. I have a 3 year old daughter, Beckett, and a 6 month old son, Dash — they keep me busy from morning to night (and often very very late at night) and are always my #1 priority. One of the best things about being my own boss is that I have the flexibility to work my kids into my professional life quite a bit - for instance, Dash has been with me at the shop every day since I came back to work after having him. My daughter, too, loves coming into the shop - she is like a magpie and goes right for everything that sparkles and thinks all the brides look like Cinderella. Of course this all comes with the trade-off that I am never truly on vacation and can't “turn-off” my business owner role, which can be hard and means very little personal time.

When I do sneak in an hour or two of me time, I love yoga and running. We’re in the process of renovating a home in Newton so that has kept me busy recently - though of course it is a labor of love. It’s not our first home, but it is our first real house with a yard and everything, so I’m having a lot of fun imagining my kids growing up there and picking out all the little details that will be the backdrop for their childhood.  

I guess another little piece of “me trivia” would be that I’m also a an old-school country music junkie. My bachelorette party was in Nashville!

image via Hello Love Photography

What inspired you to open Ceremony and what are some of the items/services your provide within your shop?

I was primarily inspired by a lot of the creative, young designers out there making waves in the bridal community back in 2012-2013, there was so much happening in the bridal world that brides were seeing on Instagram and Pinterest but that was not represented in Boston yet. I saw this as an obvious opportunity for something new and fresh and also as a great personal challenge to create a space and business that represented my own style.

We have a couple of really new, exciting designers in the shop right now like Alexandra Grecco from NYC and Rue de Seine from New Zealand, they are making some of the most creative bridal collections I’ve ever seen and I am honored that Ceremony gets to play a small part in their evolution and that we get to introduce Boston brides to their gowns.   

 What was the best advice you were given when you ventured out to open Ceremony and do you have any advice to give to another potential small business owner?

The best, most practical advice I had was simply to keep my overhead low. It seems simplistic, and is, but is also so vitally important and also so easy to overlook. I would, and do, share this advice with other prospective young entrepreneurs - especially in the retail space. More anecdotally, I once read an article on starting up a small business (unfortunately I cannot remember the source, but she was spot-on and much more eloquent than I)She said that she never really knew herself until she became a small business owner coming face-to-face with very high stakes on a daily basis. When you are in a business solo, this can be an extremely terrifying thing that really exposes yourself to yourself - including your deepest fears and insecurities. This is definitely true and can be scary and eye-opening. At the same time, it is a very freeing thing and also an incredible source of growth to get through this.

Do you have a favorite style aesthetic you like to keep in the shop in regards to designers & dresses?

While I try to craft a collection that, in broad strokes, speaks to the laid-back bride with a unique, sophisticated sense of personal style. Right now, this is largely represented by a number of bohemian inspired collections in the shop because the boho babe is having such a great moment in indie bridal. However, this is certainly not the only type of bride that the collections cater to. I’m really excited about all of the options in the shop right now for the classic bride. You know, the girl who throws on a white t-shirt and jeans and looks effortless and amazing? I love an unembellished beautiful silk crepe gown and always try to have at least a handful of these in the collection.

Since you are in the heart of Boston do you have any favorite places to shop, dine, or visit in our little city and/or surrounding areas? Hidden gems you would be willing to share?

Right now, I spend most of my time shopping in Beacon Hill because truthfully, I don’t have time to get much further than a few blocks from the shop, and I also am a strong believer in shopping local.  Fortunately, as a shopping destination, it is really getting better and better here every day. I love the curated accessories & home goods at GOOD, and my go-to spot for one-of-kind gifts is December Thieves

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beauty Roundup - Drugstore Favorites

Earlier in the week my girlfriends and I were discussing beauty products and which ones were our absolute favorites. I loved hearing what everyone is using as I think they always look incredible and I am always game for trying something new. So while I have shared my favorite makeup products here, my top picks for dry skin solutions here and the best skincare regimen I have ever used {seriously buy this face oil if nothing else, I have not had any dry skin since using it}, I thought I would share some drugstore favorites that I am constantly replenishing and cannot live without.

Untitled #804

This new Dove dry deodorant spray is my everything, not only is the scent divine, it has been so easy to apply, literally dry in seconds and hasn't gotten on my clothes.

Full fledge lipgloss addict here. When I am running low on my favorite gloss or just want a light makeup day i.e. going to the gym but don't want to look ghostly. I always line my lips with this lip stain then top with this tinted lip balm.

My new favorite way to remove makeup without burning my eyes or leaving behind any residue. The magic of micellar water and it's little magnets for removing makeup on your skin is the best product out there. Oh & my skin doesn't feel dry or stripped of moisture afterwards like so many other removers.

Winter time means major dry skin for me. I personally like keeping this body oil in the shower  I love to rub it in on damp skin before I towel dry and get a subtle sheen to my skin without feeling sticky. The scent is light and clean.

Biosilk saves my dry colored hair from looking fried. I put a dime size amount in my hands, rub together and work from the middle of my hair to the ends, avoiding the roots. It controls my fly-a-ways and tames my waves when they start becoming a bit unruly.

Ever since we moved this past summer into our new home I have been indulging in bubble baths at night. They are perfect after a long day and I love this bubble bath for it's relaxing scent before bedtime.

I have tried quite a few mascaras at all different price points but nothing tops this one in my book.

Since we are often on the go, I wanted some travel brushes that were compact and didn't cost a fortune, this set was perfect for me and comes with me on all our getaways.

The absolute best quick dry polish, especially needed for my favorite red manicure.

all the above items & more drugstore favorites can be found below

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fringe Benefits

I have made a few purchases this winter that are items I find myself constantly going into the closet to grab time & time again. One of them is this black fringe poncho that I picked up during the holiday stroll on Nantucket at the Blue Beetle, the other is this cozy cardigan that is super warm and has a fun oversized safety pin that helps keep it closed when it's chilly. I noticed that these two items have some fun fringe elements in common and keep finding myself drawn to this little embellishment on other pieces. So I put together some fringed favorites to help add a little added flare to basic pieces like a comfy poncho to a classic clutch or even a great suede boot. 

Untitled #803

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