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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby Dooley - Gender Reveal

Some friends & family may be reading this and being all..."what the what? I thought you were having a girl!" Yeah, so did we my entire first trimester! Here's how it all went down, quite possibly the craziest thing to happen to us. Thanks to genetic testing our embryo pre-transfer via IVF the gender was identified but unknown to us till about week six of my pregnancy where the anticipation of wondering what my baby was killing me and I decided I couldn't wait any longer. While my husband was taking a shower I called my IVF nurse and asked her to look up my babies gender. She called me back and said "are you sure you want to know?" "I said yes", she continued on "it's a girl, congratulations". I was in shock! I was SO certain it was a boy. I kept dreaming of having a son, all the predictors I did online said boy and my gut just kept telling me you are having a boy. I immediately shared the news with my husband and we were both thrilled. We started planning on how we would tell our families that a fifth little lady was joining our crew. Before heading to NY to share the news I emailed the nurse one more time to confirm the gender because I just felt SO sure it wasn't a girl {how crazy is a mothers intuition}. So in writing she confirmed once again, "your file says XX and that means girl". So we purchased little pink shoes, pink outfits and her coming home from the hospital outfit for our parents to unwrap as her gender reveal. We shared the news with everyone and the family was over the moon. We recorded the reactions, shared our name and started picking out everything for a little baby girls nursery. 

Fast forward to my fourteen week OB appointment where we are read results from our MaterniT21 testing and the nurse asked me if I wanted to know the gender. I responded that we knew and were expecting a little girl. The rest of the conversation went a little like this.

Nurse: Your expecting a little girl? {a huge look of puzzlement on her face}. Let's verify all your information to make sure I am looking at the right file. You are Heidi A. Dooley right? 

Me: Yes I am Heidi, that is all my information and here is an email from my IVF nurse saying I am having a girl. 

Nurse: I will be right back. 

Me: {slightly freaking out and looking at my husband} WTF is going on right now?!

Nurse & OB enter the room

OB: So we have test results that say the baby is a male and this test is 99% accurate. Let's try calling your IVF Dr, & see what is going on. 

Me: Holy Crap, this is crazy. I was right. I knew I was having a boy all along! {John is in silently in shock in the corner of the room}

We eventually got the IVF Doctor on the phone to which he confirmed that an admin incorrectly marked the wrong gender on my file but that the original lab report from the first round of genetic testing proved that my one and only healthy embryo was a male and that was in fact the one transferred. To say we were in shock was a real understatement. I couldn't believe that this human error of data entry had us thinking we were having a daughter for my entire first trimester, it was a real trip. It kinda felt surreal to be told all over again something totally different then what you had planned for the last few months. So here we were starting over, making several returns of pink items for blue, explaining to friends and family..."oh hey, remember when I told you we were having a girl...well it's actually a boy" and starting fresh with our nursery plans.

We are very happy to report that baby boy dooley will be making us parents this October and we are so in love with our little man. 

custom calendar // balloons // teether // shoes  

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