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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Welcoming John Aldrich Jr.

I have wanted to share our sweet baby boys birth story, well since he was born but that little nugget just loves to be in arms so there has been very little time to sit down and actually blog {something I miss doing & hope to get back to}. Three months ago our lives changed forever as we welcomed our much awaited son into the world. Our hearts bursted out of our chests the second we heard his sweet cry. While it's not a very dramatic story like his gender reveal it's one I wanted to document and share with you all as this little community has supported me every step of the way to becoming a mom. Below is how it all went down for us.

If we are friends on instagram you know I was carrying a big boy. I had a very large belly and my last ultrasound before he was born had indicated that he was measuring eleven pounds. So I was an automatic scheduled ceserean for October 6th at 9am. I made that week my last week to tie up all our loose ends and even indulge in a massage to help keep my anxiety at bay. I told everyone close to me that was the day I was having my boy. Little did I know that even planned births don't go as planned.

I woke up October 3rd, ready to get to my last OB appointment before the baby would be here. One last sonogram where I would annoyingly ask the ultrasound technician for another 3D shot of my baby because I just couldn't get enough of seeing him. I felt pretty great for someone who was 39 weeks pregnant but I hadn't felt the baby move all that much that day and casually mentioned it to my Dr. as we were leaving the appointment. Even though his heart rate was right where it should have been she submitted me for one more non stress test and sure enough, I failed. The baby didn't move at all. I tried juice, snacks, moving positions pressing on him...nothing. Little bugger was likely asleep but when the nurse called in the Dr to review my results I knew things weren't going smoothly. Sure enough I was sent right to Brigham & Women's Hospital where I was immediately admitted and put on all the monitors and of course my sweet boy started kicking me. The Dr. on call came in and goes, everything looks fine now but were going to have this baby today. John looked at me and me back at him and we were both silent in shock. We kinda expected that once we had movement we would be going home. Nope. Since this was now a non scheduled cesarean I had to wait for the OR to be cleared and all the snacks from the non stress test to be digested. So even though I was admitted at 1pm I couldn't get into the operating room till at least 7pm. So there I was totally unprepared to have my baby that day but alas, he was coming. Mild back contractions started happening and rotations of medical staff started coming in to prep me for the surgery. John ran home to get our packed hospital bags and return back to me in time for the birth. I made calls to my family and texts to my closest friends what was happening. Then before I knew it I was walking into a neon room of lights getting my epidural and spinal tap injected into my back and strapped into a very cold table. Let me tell you, I hated having my legs strapped down, it was awful. I tried to fight the feeling of being held down but man, I remember that being the worst feeling ever. Little tests with a needle were poked around my body to see if I still had feeling in my belly or sides. I was still feeling the needle but they assured me I was ready to go. They brought in my husband and surgery began. It was fairly quick to get the baby out thank goodness. We had opted for a gentle cesarean so I was able to see him right away and hold him briefly through a clear sheet. It was wonderful. When he didn't cry in the first second I asked the Dr. jokingly said "he was just born, give him a second" and sure enough he screamed the most beautiful cry I have ever heard. John stayed by my head the entire time and just kept saying oh my god, he's here over and over. About a minute later I told John to stay with the baby while they finished me up. I unfortunately lost an ovary and tube in the surgery due to some cysts {likely from IVF} so the remainder of the surgery was pretty awful. I started shaking, was sicker then I ever have been and was really hating all the pulling and pressure I was feeling on my insides. Never in pain but man, that pulling I will never forget. Our sweet boy was taken to the NICU for the first few hours of his life for some breathing issues where I told John to follow them and not leave his side. He then started recording sweet videos of the two of them that I will cherish forever. I was reunited with them both later that night and we brought our sweet little boy home five days later. A few photos of those previous first few moments of meeting our son and a few days later as a family at home are below.
Thanks for all the well wishes that were sent our way. We are so grateful. 

waiting to meet with the Dr. & watching his heartbeat/my contractions on the monitors

"little" ol' me about to go in to meet my boy

John suiting up for the operating room

John Aldrich Jr is here October 3rd, 2017 at 8:41pm, weighing 9lb 4oz

the moment I got to feel my son, the most wonderful feeling of my life

we are family

the day after he was born oma & opa visited along with my siblings 

John with his parents 

after the company left mom got some snuggles 

the day we left the hospital 

two weeks at home

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