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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Copy My Costume

With Halloween quickly approaching and hearing everyone discussing their party and costume plans it had me thinking how much I miss celebrating Halloween with my friends. I always enjoyed getting dressed up and pretending to be something ridiculous each year. Unfortunately those days are long gone. We however went out with a bang with our last year of dressing up. Hosted by my adorable friend and her husband back in 2008 at their family business funeral home {what could be a more perfect venue}, a Halloween party to never be forgotten took place. It just so happens to be the night I fell in love with my now husband too :)

The Inspiration - the always stylish Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of Sex & The City

Me back in the day

Copy the Costume

Untitled #213

I had such a blast in this costume, I definitely didn't want to take it off. There is something to be said about dressing up in a tutu as an adult that makes you feel like a big kid again. Check out some of my favorite tutu looks with a more mature style.


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