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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cross My Heart

I used to tease my mom about her go to style of only wearing a cross body purse. I never understood why she refused to try another style or go for a large oversized hobo bag like the ones her daughters were obsessed with. Now that I live in the city, I am eating my words and cannot get enough of this style. I can wrap it over my ensemble to keep my hands free for carrying groceries, shopping or keeping my paws in my pockets in the cooler months. I also adore this convenience for going out, allowing me to keep my hands on my cocktail and not having to worry about a place to put down my bag {or getting stolen} while dancing or mingling. I selected a few looks at some great price points, that are both functional and stylish in a slew of colors...Which is your favorite???

Untitled #211

cognac // black // red
coral // yellow // gold
green // tan // mint 

Street Styles



  1. i don't think i'll ever buy a non cross body again. dying for the pashli mini satchel!


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