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Friday, October 25, 2013

Bedroom Mini Makeover

Finding space in our historic neighborhood doesn't come cheap so as we search for our dream home we have decided to stay in our petite apartment till we find the "one". Since we renewed our lease I have been making small changes here and there to give our cozy home a refresh. I have avoided any big furniture purchases as we don't know what we will need down the road in our permanent home but rather spending our money on small accessories to help me feel like the space is new and updated. Bedding was my first project as the luxurious bedding we were gifted at our wedding was for a king sized bed that is also on hold for our next place. Finding a duvet that coordinated with our modern tufted butter colored leather headboard was a bit of a challenge for me, as you can see from the images below, I went through a few looks and was doing quite a bit of buying and returning. We ultimately wound up with a solid white bedding but with a soft texture to stay extra cozy during New England's long winter. I of course indulged in lots of new pillows as my love affair with them never seems to subside. While it's not a drastic change from the before looks of our bedroom, the little edits have made me fall in love with our apartment all over again and that is worth every penny.

Since my nightstand doesn't have any drawers & I wasn't willing to temporarily invest another, I purchased some baskets to hold my keepsakes like cards, photos and books. I am thinking of spray painting them either gold or gray but I am not quite sure yet. Thoughts?

The two versions that didn't cut it lay below. I was trying too hard to match the headboard's color and in the end it was all TOO much pattern and mixing of prints and textures. My husband gave a BIG thumbs down to both looks and I am so relieved he did as I wasn't digging myself but knew I wanted something new and had to ultimately try everything on the bed before to see if it worked.

shop what we wound up with

candle // mug

1 comment:

  1. That chunky West Elm throw is is the final selection of bedding, definitely my favorite of the three versions :-)


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