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Friday, March 23, 2012

500sf of our urban paradise

A few weeks ago our wedding photographer Lisa Rigby photographed John & I in our Beacon Hill apartment.  Lisa was trying a new couples revisited photo shoot where she went back to some of her past wedding clients and captured the couples in their home, I was so excited that we were one of them! I am always intrigued when I see magazines or shows that feature a persons home. I love seeing how people live and what their personal style is. Maybe that is why I am addicted to House Hunters on HGTV?

 John was the wonderful husband per usual and cooked us a fabulous sushi lunch and we sat around our home, drank wine & just chatted. It was fun to not have the pressure of the engagement photos or the wedding day looming over us that I wanted everything to be perfect, we were just being us relaxed in our house.  I love that I will now have photos of our first home to have forever. Below are a few of my favorites she took with her vintage looking but no shutter sounding camera - it was very fun since we never knew she was clicking away while we were just being ourselves, and yes I am fully aware in the photographers blog post that it looks like I just sit around and drink wine while my husband dotes on me (this is sometimes the reality - I am a very lucky lady)  but I assure you he is equally spoiled!

our beloved Beacon Hill home

John torching the sushi

remember this book from Spoon Sisters post

that sheep skin is a tad high maintenance but it's super soft to sit on

my side of the bed is much more cluttered then John's but he lets me be 

Ethan Allen "His & Hers" pillows gifted to us by John's parents

this is the most typical "us" me blogging with vino & john working on his I pad

Have a great weekend everyone!

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