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Monday, October 28, 2013

When Fashion Meets Art

please contact Amelia for more information on the above print

A few weeks ago I attended an art event hosted by my lovely friend Amelia of Coulour-Bloc where I picked up the darling print above to gift to someone I love. I have been admiring the print since I purchased and not only was it suiting for the person I will be giving it to but it had me thinking what about it had me so taken and besides the simple beauty of the art I loved the look of the young woman reading in it. I was curious about her. She was stylish and enjoyed simple pleasures such as reading a book on a nice day. Like other prints I have seen on her blog it made me realize I am drawn to art that has a fashionable element that remind me of things that I love, fashion. Take a look below at a few examples of my kind of pretty.

I am totally smitten with the works of Inslee and her fashionable paper products in her shop. Take a look at some of her prints, stationary and calendars that she has created. Such a great gift idea for a fashionista!

Paper Fashion is another great source of style meeting art.

Finally someone who I have shared before on the blog - Caitlin McGauley was my first love of mixing art and fashion. Everything she creates is SO DANG GOOD. A few of my favorites that she did for some designers as well as personal projects are below. 


  1. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. totally up my alley too!! i've loved caitlin mcgauley for ages...great post!

  3. LOVE the Paper Fashion prints! Such a pretty post :-)

  4. i love that elizabeth mayville print. i almost got that one!

  5. I love Paper fashion, such beautiful artwork, I wish I could paint!

    Five Minute Style 


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