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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

art for the home

While visiting my cousins adorable new bungalow styled house while in NY over Christmas break, she was showing me all the ideas she had for renovations and the projects she has already completed. She had furnished the home beautifully with grey, white and silver accents throughout which I totally adored but she said she was craving some artwork for some of the bare walls in her living room. I said I would search for some pieces that were worthy of being displayed in her home and I think I have finally found four notable designers worth sharing with all of you! I have admitted before that I know zero about art. My husband is so much more educated in that department. While walking the Louvre in Paris he knew so much about every painting, period, the artists and time in history when they were painted. I had my very own tour guide which totally changed the experience and even made me appreciate art a bit more. However, modern art still isn't my thang. I once went to the MOMA in NYC and a room was filled with cotton balls and that was considered art? Give me a break! My dog Khloe is more artistic with her paws in the mud then that BS. I do covet a few paintings that I hope one day I have wall space to display them on. Some of them are from these four very talented artists below.

Caroline Wright

Artist & Cellist Caroline Wright has some really beautiful artwork available for purchase that would work in any room of the house. She is inspired by music, landscapes and music which is evident in the pieces below.

Jen Ramos is a talented artist not only in painting but also in prints for the home on her Made By Girl site. I recently purchased the gold LOVE poster and have it framed on my nightstand. Seeing it everyday makes me smile and I hope to have one of her beautiful paintings in my home. The colors she paints with are just so gorgeous and so complimentary to one another. While most of the artwork shown below are listed as sold, the artist is available for commission work and her price point is ridiculously awesome!

Nancy Ramirez makes art that is truly modern and magnificent. I love that her pieces aren't common and even though they are named I can almost interpret them in different ways then she has meant them to be. (wow I feel so artsy). Again I am obsessed with the colors she uses and the patterns are simple and elegant and uber affordable - buy her prints here.

this is candy mountains but for some reason I see animal prints here

anything herringbone always wins with moi

you had me at peonies

This adorable NYC artist used to work at Ralph Lauren Home before she ventured off on her own. She is inspired by vintage jewelry, furniture and unusual Manhattan spots that she can jot down her notes in her trusty notebook to draw from later at her Chelsea Studio. I am seriously swooning over her work. I cant get enough!

I love you tigress chair
a boat neck stripe shirt is a classic staple in the wardrobe, why not in art?
hellllloooo statement necklace painting - you belong in my life!

Which piece would you hang in your home???


  1. I'm pretty sure I NEEEEDDDD the boatneck shirt one. :-) (Sarah B)

  2. Sarah - isn't so fab! I love that & think it would look fab in a stylish boutique!

  3. I love this post! Thanks for sharing. There are some really pretty pieces here and I am going to take a look on the different web pages now.


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