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Thursday, March 8, 2012

arm candy

Accessorizing your arms with bracelets is so HUGE right now. The more the better, layering colors, shapes & chains is all the rage. Cover both arms half way up to your elbow and your totally ON trend. I always have shied away from bracelets, I often feel claustrophobic with more then one bangle on and get super annoyed when they go up and down my arm like a slinky all day or bang against my desk while I am trying to work. However their have been so many new killer styles out there that have me squealing with glee that I had to devote an entire post to wrist bliss. Check out the exquisite finds below & send me photos of you rocking your brilliant bracelets and bangles! Part two will have some pretty images of layering your arms with the beauties below. Go get your arm party on!!!arm candy

Go Shopping:

Alexander McQueen antique jewelry
$495 -
Chanel chain bracelet
£485 -
Yves Saint Laurent red bangle
$395 -
Assad Mounser gold plated bangle
$300 -
Tory Burch cuff bracelet
$165 -
AZ Collection chain bracelet
$152 -
Noir jewelry
$143 -
Paige Denim enamel bangle
$134 -
Cc skye jewelry
$125 -
J Crew j crew jewelry
$118 -
J Crew antique jewelry
$98 -
Betsey johnson jewelry
$65 -
J Crew enamel bangle
$60 -
Juicy couture jewelry
$58 -
Gorjana leather wrap bracelet
$55 -
J Crew enamel bangle
$48 -
Aqua enamel bangle
$35 -
$34 -
J Crew enamel bangle
$28 -
Sequin enamel bangle
$28 -
J Crew vintage jewelry
$23 -
Miss Selfridge gold bangle
$16 -
ASOS enamel bangle
$17 -
Mixit jewelry
$12 -
Old Navy chain bracelet
$11 -

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