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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The First Five Years

Anniversaries are a wonderful thing, a benchmark of time that you get to celebrate with your partner in crime but before I was married these annual days would come and go without much thought. That all changed after we said I do. I think the themed years definitely amped up the fun for me on getting the creative juices going on my gift giving.  On our first wedding anniversary we returned to Newport, RI where we tied the knot.  That year I got crafty with the paper theme and I gave my husband a giant piƱata in the shape of his iphone filled with gift cards to his favorite stores, favorite candy as well as some vintage papers of inventors he admired growing up. Most recently we celebrated our second wedding anniversary in Nantucket, MA where I gave him a weekend bag that matched his current luggage set. Who knows what will come next year when leather is our theme, one thing I do guarantee is that he will have it easier then me. With anniversaries so recently on my mind, I assembled a little gift guide with the themes I plan on following to provide some inspiration for other couples who are on their way through the first five years of marriage. Happy Gifting!

 one - art is a difficult thing to find for men, this is exactly why I love these handmade gyotaku pieces where an actual fish is painted and rubbed onto paper creating unique pieces for your guy. 
two - a classic weekender bag for all your getaways will have your guy traveling in style 
three - a leather backgammon case or poker set is perfect for your guys easy entertaining
 four - a whimsical printed pocket square and a coordinating blazer will satisfy all silk fashions
five - create an outdoor area for your guy with a fire pit for cozy nights together 

one - stylish stationary is the obvious choice but a set of beautifully covered classics will last a lifetime
two - a cotton dress doesn't have to be boring, especially one in a ladylike silhouette and classic color
three - leather may be the easiest year for men, you can't go wrong with a clutch & coordinating wallet
 four - a timeless silk scarf from the french designer hermes, need I say more?
five - a great piece of furniture that she has had her eye on will do the trick for wood, this vintage louis vuitton trunk would surely make any gal weak in the knees 


  1. I love the idea of basing your gift on the traditional theme of that year! And that LV trunk is such a find...

    1. I know I am dying over that trunk, expensive but not as much as most logo trunks are!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary. LOVE that you got married in Newport. My boyfriend lives in Providence (but I am in DC), so we meet in Newport most weekends in the summer. Love it so much! Have attended many a beautiful wedding there!


  3. Happy Anniversary! That pinata / gift card idea sounds pretty awesome !


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