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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Day I Got A Boyfriend For Life

For those who easily gag about mushy lovey goodness, stop reading NOW. Today is nothing but about the four letter word and the happiest day in my life. I can't believe one year flew by so quickly, I often tell John that I never want life to go by too fast with him because our life is so good.  I will be forever grateful for every single thing that I have because I never imagined that anyone gets everything they have ever wished for. While today is one year from the day that I married my best friend I want to celebrate it with some of my favorite photos of all the friends and family that helped us make our wedding day so special. Everyone has seen our mug's a million times over but there are so many incredible photos of the people we loved that didn't get nearly enough attention as we did. I of course had to share our video once more because it may have been the most expensive and best thing we have ever done and I MUST get my moneys worth! I seriously watch this anytime I have a bad day to bring me back to my wonderful reality. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world and will never ever forget it!

Happy One Year Anniversary to the love of my life - I love you more then anything!

a poem on love that my husband wrote for the reading during our ceremony 

For short of sight we do seek love
And hope that it be a perfectly machined material
Or some estimable prize of fortunate fate.
But those who find love come to know its profound intangibility.
We cannot make love with our calloused hands
Or sow love in our fallow fields
Or bargain for love with our tired wits.
What we call true love is beyond our capacities for creation or destruction.
We must look upon love as a mediator of our vision
And receive our greatest joys when we permit
Love to affect the atmosphere through which we see one another
In every act of tenderness and understanding, we recognize this singular role of love.
Time will forget the language and manner of our traditions and loving expressions,
But this indelible bond will last throughout and long after
The brief seasons of these two lives.
For long of sight we do find love
And know that it be an imperfect intangible
Or some inestimable prize of fortunate fate.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Heidi - this is wonderful!!! So happy for you two - and it still was one of the BEST times we've ever had!

  3. Thank you for posting some of the great pics from your fabulous day. My eyes still well up thinking of the wedding - esp when I see the pics of Janna & Kerry. :-)

  4. I love love that video.... Such an amazing day. Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Hi Aunt Heidi,
    Just saw! I love it! I have the picture in my room of me and emma from the wedding framed! I love the video! So fun to see how uncle john was. Dads words were not that good! I love it! Being Jr. bridesmaids are awesome!


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