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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fancy Feet

Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean we have to transport our little tootsies right from sandals to boots! I personally love transitioning back into flats come fall, especially when flats are getting some serious style like the little lovelies below. Living in a city means a lot of walking and it's very important to me to not sacrifice style for comfort. While I do dread the initial breaking in of the shoes, I have learned a few tricks to avoid the oh so painful back of the heel blister. One - break in the shoes with some socks around the house, the thicker the sock the better. Yes you may look like a crazy person but it stretches them out just enough to be comfy when you hit the streets. Two - Wear advanced healing band aids before the blister, protecting the back of your foot with these cushy band aids will help soften the rubbing on the back of the heal. Three - Add a sticky gel cushion to the back of your shoe so the soft material touches your foot instead of the stiff leather.  Four - Some department stores offer complimentary stretching of the shoe with purchase. Neiman Marcus has done for me in the past & it was awesome & if not a local cobbler can likely do for you too. Finally, Five - Apply subtle heat with a blowdryer to the part of the shoe that is tight and when warm flex the fabric around by hand to loosen the trouble spots, be careful on synthetic materials. Enjoy your happy and fancy feet!
Untitled #678

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