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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY - A Simple Centerpiece

It's no secret that I love to arrange flowers and create something beautiful with whatever I can find in the market. With the help of last weeks successful DIY I thought I would challenge myself to another round of making something simple yet useful. This time around I only used items I had around the house. I had some leftover twine from a recent homemade banner and some mason jars that were used in a thirsty Thursday cocktail and with that I had my source of my inspiration. Combining these two items allowed me to create a simple yet stylish centerpiece you can make for your home or for your next social event. I personally love putting together rustic elements with elegant blooms to create something casual yet perfectly put together for everyone to enjoy. 


Dab some glue on the jar at your desired starting point, line up the twine against the glue and use that as your anchor to wrap the jar around and around. When you come to the point where you wish to end the twine, trim the material and glue the edge down against the bottle so it doesn't unravel. Let dry a few minutes then decorate with your favorite flowers. 

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