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Thursday, May 10, 2012

the london look

Are you tired of my many blog posts today or what??? If so - stop reading now! I couldn't resist sharing one more tid bit of London fabulousness as those gorgeous hotels had me daydreaming of an champagne tea & strolling along the Thames with the hubs like we did in 2009. I created an entire look from British designers and now I am utterly obsessed with that McQueen handbag & Mulberry shoes! Ever since my short stint studying abroad while in college, I have always felt London was the most fashion forward city in the world (I think a pretty bold statement coming from a New Yorker). I just adore all their designers and from my searches in creating this ensemble below I truly believe they still carry the torch on that title!

london look

Go Shopping

Reiss tailored dress
$340 -

Burberry coat
£1,099 -

Mulberry leather pumps
$665 -

Astley Clarke knot jewelry
$1,275 -

Astley Clarke gold jewelry
$795 -

Astley Clarke quartz jewelry
$170 -

Burberry umbrella
$195 -

Black scarve
£150 -


  1. Wow that outfit is SO CUTE! I would buy every single piece, but I am especially in love with the knot bracelet! I would wear that every day.

    xoxo KLS

    1. that bracelet is to die for! I love anything with a nod to nautical :)


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