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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide For The Kiddos

As my nieces get older we are buying less toys but I couldn't resist sharing a few favorites that are sure to make kiddos at all ages happy come Christmas morning...because let's face it, the holidays are meant for kids and nothing is better then seeing them rip through their packages at the speed of light.

Untitled #796

Parents all across the land will likely despise this box of instruments from the incessant noise but kids LOVE to bang things & make music so who are we to deprive them of that happiness?!

Babies can be a challenge since they aren't too much into toys so I picked out this adorable vegetable collection of rattles & monogrammed stroller blanket that are too cute for words.

Laughing is the for the little comedian in your life this box of jokes provides materials for days!

Calling all Star Wars fans, these light sabers are fun for a sword fight & this bedding is just plane awesome.

Keep your kiddo warm with this adorable hat that makes them feel like a superhero & winter boots that happily coordinate.

Fitbit is big among my nieces, I love that they all can get a color that they love.

J.Crew has the absolute best kids pajamas. I wish they came in grown up size. Make the gift extra special with some sparkly slippers.

How adorable are these little dolls made from up cycled cashmere?!

The Magic Eight Ball was such a fun gift when I was a kid. I am not surprised that kids still love it. My littlest niece told me this was on her list to santa.

I die over this pizza slice bag. Its SO good!

My sister in law once that the best gift she could give her girls was the love of reading. These personalized puffin classics not only look great on a shelf but will also help start a great collection of books for your kids.

These hover boards make me so nervous but i have pretty much heard every kid I know ask for them. I would pair it with these matching pads & a helmet.

Good lord I loved having an indoor tent as a kid...mine were not this cool but I absolutely adore this one & love that it comes in a slew of beautiful colors.

shop all the above & more below!

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