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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Signature Welcome

As wedding season quickly approaches brides everywhere are putting the final touches on their big day. You know all the last minute details that make the day extra special for their guests. One element that is always a big hit for the attendees is the welcome gift in the hotel room for the celebratory weekend. It is often filled with local treats for the guests to enjoy during their stay or the essentials for the recovery the morning after. They require quite a bit of assembly, organizing and effort to get delivered {we literally ran around Newport an entire day to get ours delivered to all the hotels during our wedding}. So when I saw the beautiful packaging and carefully curated favors that a company in Charleston was offering, I was instantly smitten with everything they were doing. A Signature Welcome offers the loveliest of welcome gifts for your favorite people in the prettiest packaging and all with delicious content. I am obsessed with their presentation and thoughtful preparation to make this the ultimate treat for your wedding guests. Just take a look at their stunning images to get an idea of what they do...oh did I mention they do corporate gifting too? I am totally bookmarking for future events and gifts!

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