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Monday, May 19, 2014

Take Me Away - To The South

Every year we celebrate my husbands birthday by heading up North. In the past we have visited Maine a few times and most recently Quebec City. After the hellish winter we just survived this year I am thinking of switching things up and heading down South to the warmth come September. I embarrassingly have to admit I was first intrigued by Charleston, South Carolina from the television series "Southern Charm", that show was so dang good! I have since been a bit obsessed with everything "southern" and thanks to the lovely company of my friend Amelia, I have fully adopted the word "y'all" into my everyday vernacular. While researching the details of the trip I came across the charming hotel Zero George. After browsing their site, I knew that had a winner for my special guys birthday celebrations. While I can't splurge on all the details I have planned for my love, this boutique hotel is too good to not share. It truly embodies traditional Southern architecture we find so appealing by combining five historic residential buildings into luxe accomodations...just take a look at all the beautiful details for yourself!

Oh did I mention they also have a cooking school?! You can sip delicious wine and flex your culinary muscles in their very chic carriage house kitchen. 

Or you can just pony up to their adorably petite bar for a pre-dinner cocktail. 


Would love to hear your recommendations for all must see & do while in Charleston! 


  1.'re making me really miss home!!! There are a million and five things to do and see!!! Is there any specific type of thing you're looking for? (ie a seafood place, a historic activity, etc)

    1. Any restos you would recommend? Must sees? Thank you!

  2. You had me at "Southern Charm"! I definitely got sucked into that show too. Can't wait to see what recommendations you come back with!


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