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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sign Of The Times

While popping in a few of the local boutiques on Nantucket I cam across the lovely mother of pearl zodiac necklaces below. I was quickly smitten with them even though I am not one to truly follow the  signs of the stars or their meanings etc. I simply loved their style and the layering option of adding a loved ones sign on top of yours. It's sort of the spiritual sister to the initial necklace trend that I also love. I put together a little round up of some other zodiac items ranging from beauty items to home decor.
Untitled #649

zodiac cards // mother of the pearl necklaces // needlepoint pillow // compact mirror // smoking slipper // bottle stopper // clutch // scarf // nameplate necklace // cuff


  1. Oh my gosh the mother of pearl necklaces are so cute, as are the cuffs! I don't really follow horoscopes either, but still think they are interesting!



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