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Friday, September 14, 2012

totes my style

I am utterly obsessed with handbags! This is definitely not news to most people who know me as my unhealthy addiction is often evident with the changing of my handbag for each ensemble. While living in the city usually means I am lugging around a cross body to keep my hands free for groceries or vino from the liquor store I would have to admit the tote is by far my all time favorite style. I adore the lady like shape, the adorable top handles and the boxy shape.  I am thinking of cashing in all my change jars {and the help of a  Saks gift card that is dying to be spent} to put towards that little Prada piece of heaven below. Which is your favorite???


totes on the streets




  1. Love them all, the chloe one in the first column is my fave, of couse the one I love the most is the more expensive one!

  2. Thats the problem Kara. You have champagne taste on a budweiser budget.

  3. Thats was from your husband

  4. LOL I love the above comments. :) I kept seeing a gorgeous Michael Kors bag via the Nordstrom emails. It's like it is trying to talk to me, to give it a good home.


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