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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Music that Motivates

I loathed gym class pretty much my entire adolescent life. I would come up with every excuse in the book to get out of a class with a note, a cramp or some other lame excuse. When I got into high school my dislike for this forced activity only grew when we had to take pool class twice a week. I quickly conjured an allergic reaction to chlorine to help me get out of this bi-weekly form of torture. You can say what you like about me detesting such a minor thing and about fibbing my way out of it because I 100% own up to that I would have done anything to get out of a game of dodge ball, square dancing {grade school} and or diving in a pool for colored weights, NO THANK YOU!  I was all set with embarrassing myself in front of my peers. Do not even get me started on the presidents physical fitness challenge that was a prerequisite in NY schools. I still have nightmares that I didn't complete the ridiculous requirements in front of my classmates and have to do it again as an adult by law. If my life depended on a pull up, I would be dead - enough said. 

 Unfortunately my absolute distaste for this horrid school requirement has carried with me well into my thirties, where I feel like a night of having to work out is as pleasurable as a root canal. I however want to do  be healthy, preferably two sizes smaller and overall more energetic. What is a girl to do??? My solution came down to the following, join a gym that isn't filled with people that have body odor like my previous gym. Buy new work out clothes instead of my crappy faded clothes that double as pajamas {a new outfit is always motivation for me} and finally create a kick ass motivating work out play list. God knows with my tendency to get motion sickness with even the slight spin of a twirly chair that I will definitely not be reading while working out! What motivates you to work out and what do you listen to help keep you going???

my old gym looked something like this

I am planning on joining a gym more like this

Work Out Gear
work out wear

My Go To Work Out Tunes
{feel free to judge my random selection}

***note to self, try not to dance on the elliptical***

1 comment:

  1. If you make it a daily habit, part of your lifestyle, it isn't so bad! Also, boyfriend/husband motivation works - Jon plays tennis with me and we go on hikes - it helps more than you think, and its fun for everyone!


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