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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have already shared my complete admiration for the admiration of animal prints such a leopard and the love affair continues on with a different type print - tortoise. Not only does this dynamic pattern  boast the same beloved color palette of black and tan that completely consumes my wardrobe but it's so versatile that it virtually can be paired with any color and look fabulous. It just might the perfect fall accessory to your wardrobe! I always loved this material for eye glasses but the ways to wear this faux animal print is available in so many more stylish ways. The best part is what was once a luxury commodity and required the sacrifice of cute turtles is no longer. The print is usually on resin and made to resemble the endangered animals shell. I am especially smitten with that rhinestone embellished necklace and iPhone case. Which are your favorites???



  1. I want it all! Love love love tortoiseshell!

    1. me too! I think I may need to treat myself to one of them :)


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