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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wild wild west

Yesterday as I was walking out the door, my husband said my outfit looked a bit "cowgirl" which inspired me to dabble into a little fashion fix featuring a western style flair. This concept had me flashback to a family vacation back in the early 90's wheere we flew to Tuscon, Arizona to visit ASU for a possible college for my sister.  My father decided to combine the school visit into a family vacation for me and my siblings.  I remember being overly excited about the vacation because my we convinced our dad to rent a Lebaron convertible and seriously what was cooler then that??? In summary, the convertible was everything I had imagined {I am pretty sure there are numerous photos of me pretend driving buried in our family photo albums} the ranch where we stayed was beautifully landscaped with tons of cacti, horses were everywhere for riding and if my memory serves me correctly there was an indoor and outdoor pool, a win win sitch for ever ten year old. However the one thing I was not down with was the hiking of the desert mountains. I am pretty sure at the ripe old age of ten that I knew this wasn't my thing. I had a full meltdown, complained the whole way up and the whole way down, making my father want to send me on a flight back to NY to my mom who was enjoying her peace and quiet. If I had the chance to go back to do a ranch vacation all over. I think my attire would be similar to the below and instead of hiking sandy hills in the scorching heat I would thoroughly enjoy some spa time, horse back riding and drinking wine by an outdoor fire.

Untitled #190

bag // hat // bootie // belt // necklace // bracelet // canteen // shirt // cords

Bring some Western elements into your home with these fab finds inspired by the landscapes of the desserts. I adore the modern succulent tray featuring the miniature cacti. Jonathan Adler wins over my heart once more with his horn sculpture. An incredibly affordable cowhide rug is perfect for layering over larger solid jute rugs. Rope doesn't always have to be interpreted in a nautical sense, the mirror below reminded me of a cowboy laso which I think would work incredibly well in a south western style home. The gaucho print pillow boasts a modern flair on a vintage print and finally a great chair with lots of texture, nail heads and the colors of a sunset is the finishing touch to a beautiful wild west inspired interior.

Untitled #191

succulents // pillow // rug // mirror // throw // chair // sculpture

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