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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

trend spotting - leather

I remember when I got my first leather skirt and how I instantly fell in love. Tina Turner was first in my memory to have rocked this look and I can honestly recall that I wanted her legs even at the age of 12.  I may have been a wee too young to wear such a nice article of clothing but it was a gift and if I didn't wear then I would have just been plain old rude right? Yes, let's stick with that. The skirt was gifted to me from one of my favorite neighbors growing up. She had all boys so I usually got spoiled with something elaborate as I imagine she was getting the shopping for a girl out of her system. It really worked out well for me. I revisited leather again in college when J.Crew came out with a few pencil skirts made of leather and I purchased a tan knee length skirt that soon became a staple in my wardrobe for every special event {which reminds me that I need to find that skirt again)}. So any-who, moving along from memory lane, leather dresses are hot hot hot right now and I am totally loving the look. Softer lines and lady like styles make this look a little more chic then rock and roll but still gives a bit of an edgy look without having to go full out goth. I picked out a few of my favorite looks in leather dresses and was pleasantly surprised to see all the options out there, color block, colored leather, long sleeve styles, combination of leather and fabric and even longer hemlines for those of us who never achieved those Tina Turner gams - enjoy!

  bordeaux dress // b&w dress // black long sleeve // black short sleeve
black dress long sleeve // black short sleeve // bordeaux // black & tan

celebrities looking chic in leather dresses

***More wallet friendly options herehere & here***

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