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Monday, August 20, 2012

B is for BAR

Why not start out Monday with a bang and feature some bevy goodness. When I first shared my love for the bar cart I only spoke about the fabulous carts of the amazing Society Social. What I failed to mention was all the accouterments that need to complete the oh so stylish look of a well put together bar. Below are a few of my favorite items to finish off a fabulous entertaining area for your home, office or wherever you like to have a cocktail...cheers!

Alcohol & Mixers

A bar wouldn't be complete if you didn't offer something for everyone. A few staple spirits are necessary to make a great cocktail and while there are endless flavors of every rum, vodka, gin and so on... under the moon, I like to stick with the classics and get creative with the other added ingredients. I purposefully left off wine but suggest these two for great go to's, white & red. I personally like to splurge when it comes to stocking the house with spirits. I guess I learned the negative repercussions of what cheap booze can do to you during my college days. A hellacious hangover isn't a good look on anyone so treat yourself and your guests by getting the good stuff, your ability to function the day after is worth it!
Untitled #157
Q Soda's // Bitters

The Accessories

A great cocktail wouldn't be complete with some embellishment to make your drink more fun. I love a festive straw or a swizzle stick to adorn my bevy of choice. Since bar carts are generally visible to all your guests they should be adorned with lots of fun goodies. A must have is the Mrs. Lilian cocktail book, fun napkins for the perspiring drinks and bottle stoppers to keep your vino fresh {that is if you don't finish it}. 

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