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Friday, August 17, 2012


I would like to blame my lack of square footage for not being more creative with my own original content of  DIY's on this blog.  However the truth is that I am full of ideas but don't always know how to execute in the most stylish manner. Crafting is far from what it used to be and these days it's all about keeping your home made projects not look so "home made". So instead of showing you some hot mess I made, I am sharing a few of my favorite do it yourself projects that are easy breezy and perfect for a rainy day tucked away inside. Do you have a favorite home made project you have been wanting to try???

Most pin boards are not all that stylish, you can jazz one up easily with a frame or you can paint it like the one below. I love the clean lines, the neutral white and tan pairing of colors and the cork board tiles instead of one giant board. It is a perfect back drop for any desk's inspiration board. 

I have seen a few DIY's for marquee letters and shapes and I continuously shy away from them due to the complicated instructions. Then I saw this one and knew it was worth sharing. I love, love, love this version for it's simple instructions and materials! After all who doesn't love to see their initials or names in bright lights?  

It's safe to say I am utterly obsessed with anything mercury glass. I can't get enough of this stuff. It's vintage look, the charming items it comes in and every single time its photographed at an event I am seriously wishing I could plaster my house with this material in every form it comes in. The bummer is that it can be expensive and delicate. However if you do make it yourself you can use this technique on any miscellaneous house items you want and create a unique look all your own. I truly adore the milk jug and mason jars!

I would like to start with pointing out that the sweater used in this is DIY is the best sweater on the planet period. I am obsessed & so will you when you buy it right here.  Remember when patches on your blazer and sweater were all the rage??? I definitely do and I totally smitten with this tutorial on how to recreate the look for yourself and just a few small items that I am sure you have around the house.

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