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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I See Sunshine

The sun is finally gracing us with it's appearance in Boston and I feel so much happier that summer is  lurking around the corner. Last week I broke my favorite pair of shades and it had me on the hunt for some new ones. Being that I am terrible with change, I wound up purchasing the same exact pair but it had me thinking that sunglasses might be on the most perfect accessories out there. They can make a statement and express your personal style so easily. Whether your into the likes of an over-sized "Jackie-O" version or the classic aviator, their is a look out there for everyone. Even performance glasses don't have to be off trend, just look at those Nike beauties below. Almost every style has come back full circle such as the infamous wayfarers (I used to sport the neon version way back when) or the retro cat eye glasses like the DVF's below. These days you truly have your selection in the sunnies department, colors, shapes and prints galore! Sunglasses can be flirtatious, hide your blood shot eyes after a rough night out, hold your hair back while sun bathing and or hide some dozing off while sitting through something uber boring. The only negative styling trend I can think of are the tools  people who insist on wearing them at night, I cannot stand that. These are for daylight only people! Which look is your favorite???
Untitled #81
Go Shopping

NIKE logo sunglasses
$99 -

Ray-Ban logo sunglasses
$150 -

Gucci square frame sunglasses
$325 -

Alexander McQueen see through shades
$395 -

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