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Friday, May 18, 2012

Up, Up, & Away!

I heart balloons big time. I seriously bawled my eyes out in the movie "UP" and when it came to my party planning skills back in HS I insisted balloons be everywhere. Even my Sweet 16 centerpieces were balloon's (what I was thinking with the colors, teal, black & silver is another story). So when I saw this photo on The Every Girl I instantly fell in love with it. I thought it was such a clever and whimsical idea to take a photo that is so lighthearted and fun. While it's clearly posed it's not your standard portrait. I would say this is a framer for sure and just shows how fun of a couple this pair is. I remember purchasing some large balloons for our big day with hopes to have my four nieces holding them all in a posed photo but never got the balloons inflated in time  - oh well! 

Can you stand the adorableness that is portrayed in this photo - I cannot

Enter Geronimo Balloons. The perfectly over-sized balloons for all occasions with the prettiest of streamers hanging from each balloon that can be matched to your soiree decor colors. These large bubbles of happiness don't have to be reserved just for weddings, I love the idea of using them for birthday parties, showers, grand openings and so much more.  Just look at the possibilities with the images below.  Stay tuned for part two where another fun party idea will be introduced!

having a total heart explosion with their "valentine edition" balloon
(note to the fellas - walking into a big bunch of these balloons will guarantee a happy lady)

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