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Monday, March 19, 2012

room to outfit

I saw the below image on pinterest and thought it was really interesting. There is SO much going on in this living room that I would think I would be overwhelmed and instantly stressed in a space with so many different wall hangings, prints and patterns and oh lordy - all those bright colors! I imagine if I had to ever to describe this room's look to someone they would think ymy taste was hideous! Antlers on the walls in different finishes, black and white damask chair, rugby striped rug layered with a zebra hide's just all wrong yet so right.  Something about this room just screams effortlessly chic to me and I knew I wanted to transform it into an outfit. What do you think???

The Room

The Outfit

room to outfit

Go Shopping

TIBI hot pink shirt
$160 -

Miss Selfridge super skinny jeans
$68 -

Zara wedge heels
$70 -

Aqua gold jewelry
$28 -

John Lewis black belt
£12 -

Essie nail polish
$8 -


  1. Great room to outfit! I love the necklace

    1. thank you sarah - took a bit to find that baby :)

  2. Love the zebra rug over the striped one. I would have never thought of that but it actually looks quite cool!

  3. Lovely blog! Can't wait to read more:)

  4. Love this Heidi! I wasn't sure where you were going when I saw the room but then the outfit was a perfect interpretation. I love when you do these posts =)


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