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Friday, March 16, 2012

five favorites - beauty edition - part two - for the boys

OK OK, I know I never really feature much on here for the men folk in our lives but it's not for a lack of love but rather I just don't know any men who want to contribute their secret love of fashion and/or products.  I have a few feelers out there for some very stylish men in my life to guest blog and I will wait with anticipation  for when they finally come around and get writing! So today's part two will feature five men products that my sweet hubs insists upon in his daily regimen. Since this post hasn't been approved by the mad scientist in my life (i am sure he is off patenting some new technology & has no time to talk products with moi) you will have to take my word for it that these are the best out there for the fellas!  John is notorious for giving me a Sephora gift card along with a list of things that he would like. Below is what I am usually buying.

His favorite is the sandalwood scent, it's clean & light and the products always leave his skin feeling soft. However there are other fragrances to choose from that are equally fab.

He may hate to give me a smooch while I have lip gloss on but the one & only balm he will use is this shea butter balm

he swears that these keep him from ever getting any blemishes - they burn like hell but it's true, his skin is impeccable - grrrrr

I gave him the whole line for Christmas but I keep having to go back to Sephora for more of this toner

John & I are notorious for forgetting something when we travel (I am pretty confident that he does this on purpose) so we are always looking for a pharmacy to buy what we didn't bring. While in Paris he was forced (good problems) to try something he wasn't familiar with & he loved it. I was thrilled to find we can also get in the US on Amazon. 

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