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Monday, June 13, 2016

Art For The Bathroom

Growing up there was this famous steak house in NYC my dad would take us for special occasions. I remember it distinctly because there was a very large nude painting that was displayed behind the bar. that made me crack up every time we walked by it. I have luckily since grown in maturity {my husband may debate that statement}. So when it came to decorating our new home I was torn about what piece I wanted for a very large empty space above our soaking tub. Luckily for me, my sweet friend Amelia is a talented art consultant and helped me get a beautiful piece commissioned that fit the space perfectly. Not only did she handle all the details with the artist, she had it matted, framed and installed for us just in time for our holiday housewarming party. I adore the above watercolor figure study. It was the perfect piece for our master bath. It's simple with it's black and white color palette and just the right amount of nudity to keep things tasteful. I put together a few other nude examples that you too can add to your powder room. 

Untitled #814

shop the above pieces with the links below

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