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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Amangiri - Anniversary Trip

Our trip out to the desert was one I will always remember. Not only were we celebrating five years of marriage but it was such a unique landscape and new experience for both of us. I love adventuring to places neither of us have been before. It's always fun to share the excitement of somewhere new together. When it came to researching where we wanted to head as we hadn't traveled all winter {which was kinda nice} the criteria was simple, somewhere warm, somewhere new and somewhere we could just relax. Amangiri fit the bill for all of those things and had been on our wanderlust wish list for some time. We mapped out all the logistics of getting there {it's literally in the middle of no where} and quickly made our plans! So without further adieu, I thought I would share our trip in photos with little captions of what you can expect if you too wanted to take this trip for yourself.

We started our trip by flying direct on JetBlue from Boston to Las Vegas. To break up the trip a bit we spent two nights in Las Vegas at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotel. Carefully selected as it has great access to the strip but doesn't have a casino so it provides more of a peaceful environment which is what we were looking for. We dined at Joël Robuchon {which was fantastic} saw David Copperfield {don't recommend that unless you are with kids} and gambled a bit. While I love a party, we were really looking to unwind so to prep for our drive to Amangiri we rented a cabana for the day and enjoyed light bites by the pool and soaking up some warm air.  The next day we took the four hour drive to the resort. The entrance signage is so small, you could miss with it a blink of an eye. This is done intentionally as they are far from showy but rather a hidden gem with the highest level of accommodations and service. A long windy road takes you to an unmarked gate where you are granted access to the Amangiri grounds. Upon pulling up to the desert oasis the hotel staff is lined up greeting you and whisking you off on a tour of the grounds with a refreshing drink and cold towel in hands. I couldn't help but automatically feel that I was somewhere special. 

Our room was a Mesa View Suite. Quite large at around 1,000 sf with views of the canyons that were absolutely breathtaking but they really showed off at sunset. We were assigned suite number 18 which was ironic considering we got married on that day. 

Each room comes with a front patio that is private from the sidewalk. My sweet husband did a bit of work out here during the trip. 

our back patio and view as it turned night, fun little s'more kits could be brought to your room nightly to enjoy dessert in the desert. 

Every room comes with some chic desert essentials. A walking stick for hikes, a bag for your things to sit poolside and a cute hat to shield you from the blistering sun. I of course had to throw in my tote bag into the mix for good measure. 

The bed was by far the most comfortable I ever slept in any hotel I have ever been & I never sleep well anywhere but home. It was magical to say the least. My photos of the bathroom & closet came out way too dark to share but imagine a beautiful large space with a soaking tub facing the mesa views. Everything was done to perfection and the service was impeccable. Our room was cleaned twice a day and restocked with everything you could ever need for your stay. I honestly think the best  part of vacation for me is having someone make the damn bed everyday. I hate that household task. 

There really aren't any words to give The Spa at Amangiri enough credit that is due. When we walked in we were treated like royalty. There is no waiting for your therapist to come get you, you are simply escorted into what they call the water pavilion where you can relax until you are ready to head into your appointment. My husband gifted me a luxurious two hour massage that was the best I have ever had while he did the same along with a "floating" experience where you are left in a tank like environment for an hour with all your sensations turned off to meditate or simply relax in a small amount of very salty water that keeps you afloat the entire time.

The grounds were beautifully kept and minimal in design as was the entire resort. It was really amazing to me that brutalist architecture could be so relaxing and stunning. The design truly melted into the natural landscape of the desert seamlessly. I mean look at the main pool below. It was literally built around a part of the mesa. 

All the meals are served in the same restaurant morning, noon and night. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but for us it was perfect. There is an extensive menu with specials for each meal that keep you from getting bored of the same cuisine over and over again. It was some of the best food I have ever had and the best part is that there are no bills at Amangiri. Food is built into the price of your room. Any extra costs are your alcohol and experiences {spa, boating etc.}. If you would like a more private dining experience you also can have the above terrace reserved for your enjoyment as well as in room dining. 

I literally ate a flatbread everyday. This was my favorite and only food I was able to photograph as most meals were devoured upon arrival to our table. It was a Mexican flatbread with cilantro, yellow tomatoes, roasted corn, cotija cheese and a salsa verde base. God I wish I could eat this right now. It was HEAVEN!

The only experience we indulged in was a hot air balloon ride at the sunrise. While waking up at the crack of dawn is certainly not my jam, this was SO worth it. My fear of heights meant I was absolutely terrified but I am always willing to push the envelope on my comfort level and thoroughly enjoyed our hour in the sky. We flew over the stunning Mesa's and saw the sun rise while in the sky. Something I will never forget.  

One afternoon we needed a break from the sun and headed to the nearest town of Page, Arizona. We stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam and took in some beautiful vistas of Lake Powell

 All in all the trip was just what we needed. A little alone time in the middle of no where with my best friend. The best thing about this place is they allow you to be as busy as you want to be with the several adventures they provide or as lazy as you want to be by sitting poolside everyday {we chose the latter}. l The resort staff kept saying over and over "let us spoil you" and that they did! My only critique fell on our last dinner at the resort. While enjoying a conversation about the life we have built  together and what the future held for us, one of the hotel staff came over to discuss the logistics of our departure and when they can pick up our luggage etc. I found this irritating as I wasn't ready to think about leaving while enjoying our last dinner nor did I care to be interrupted when we were deep in conversation. I felt I should be honest about these little details so you can be prepared if you visit yourself.  If you have any questions about the trip please don't hesitate to reach out, I am happy to answer any questions!

*This post was not sponsored by anyone or anything. We pay for everything we have with our hard earned money. Our review is strictly based on our experience.*

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