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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Closet Confessions

I gotta be honest, every time I post an outfit photo with my phone face I feel quite ridiculous. The same stance every time, knee bent, slightly lifted, arm on's all so staged trying to get a snap worth sharing on my Instagram. I however continue to submit myself to this humility as I love clothes, fashion and talking about it all, hence this blog and todays post. I love getting inspired from seeing what others are wearing and trying to make it work on my curvy figure. I love sharing real everyday clothes. You know, the things you will honestly wear versus some of the more fashionable ladies out there who look awesome but will post ball room skirts with a chambray skirts all while casually running errands around town in stilettos. I love seeing it, but let's face one is wearing that for a day out & about town, especially with kiddos.  So with that said I thought I would share a few of my recent looks {so many are on super sale} that I am loving during this beautiful fall weather we are having in Boston!

sweater // blouse // bag // scarf // denim // shoes // pillow //  bench cushion // belt

shirt // denim // bedding // mirror // blanket // art 

more of a work look then everyday but included in the round up because I love this skirt!

p.s. have you checked out all the new items in my "boutique" featuring favorites from all different brands & stores. I also added a fun little way to shop my instagrams in the top left corner by signing up with like to know it. All you have to do is submit your email & any photo with the #liketkit hash tag that you like will send you an email with shopable links!


  1. Love your style! Thank you for sharing!!

    one question -- the jcrew earrings in the last picture have been in my shopping cart for a few days -- are they a comfortable weight?

    1. Hi Sara, Sorry for the delayed response. I responded via my phone but I see it didn't go through! The earrings are super light weight as the base is acrylic and keeps it oversized without pulling on your ear lobe. I love them dressed up & down!


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