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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Body Suits

Having been a teenager in the 90's the bodysuit is hardly a new trend for me. I was ALL over this look in high school. To me nothing looked better then a fitted top with some destroyed Levi's and a flannel shirt tied around my waist. It was the grunge era, we all wanted to look like Claire Danes from My So Called Life and listen to Nirvana & Pearl Jam while having a boyfriend be in a band that sang nothing but covers of those aforementioned bands. Luckily my style has become much more refined in my adulthood but a love for some items still stay remain close to my heart, i.e. the bodysuit. They are perfect for creating a neat tailored look or the illusion of a tucked in blouse that will never untuck or add bulk to your outfit. It's ideal for an outfit like this where I had to tuck my blouse into my undergarments to avoid an unsightly budge of fabric under my fitted skirt.  Currently I wear this one under sweaters or  blouses that may be a little sheer or just need a camisole to complete the look. But I have so desperately wanting to add more bodysuits into my closet. So when I saw my favorite curvy girl blogger wearing this new to me brand called Tuxe BodyWear I knew I had to give it a try. So while I ordered this one & this one {will report back on fit & how I styled them}, there are so many more I am curious about trying out. What are your thoughts of this trend, is it here to stay...again?

Shop all the looks here or my favorites below!

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