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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Gift Closet

While shopping in Boston's hip South End neighborhood one day, one of my dear friends mom mentioned an idea of a gift closet in a home where you could keep a few trinkets on hand to gift to friends and family as small special occasions took place. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop for a gift that is perfect for each individual recipient but I thought this was a genius idea for small gestures and was so excited to put together a little round up of some ideas I had. All the items below are under $25 and suit all different tiny celebrations in life or just a simple sign of kindness to someone who may need a pick me up. To make the gift a bit more personal to the receiver just add a thoughtful card {my favorite part of a gift} and some chic gift wrap {which is always excellent to have on hand as well}.

Untitled #755

one - Is there anything that smells better then fresh basil on a home cooked meal? I absolutely love it in everything from cocktails to savory dishes and beyond. This seed kit {also available in mint & rosemary} is such a great gift for the home chef or gardener. It also perfectly pairs with this petite vintage planter or these colorful mini vases that are $8!

two - Candles are always a great go to gift for new homes or just because your thinking of them. I love giving them with a cute pack of matches {this scent is my favorite & always burning in our home}.

three - Bringing flowers to a party just from the market also brings work to the recipient. Add an affordable vase that only needs a few buds to make a great gift. Also love this trio of a similar style.

four - The packaging along on this gift is reason to give to someone a little bit of luxury for $20.

five - A new home gift can be something small & budget friendly. These adorable mason jar salt & pepper shakers are under $10. I also love the mini oil & vinegar set too, crazy for $3! 

six - Newly engaged gal? This pretty pink dish is a great place to store her new sparkler when she isn't wearing it. Also available in a square shape.

seven - A set of coasters tied in simple ribbon are always nice to bring when someone is hosting you for dinner and we all know it goes great with wine! A wine tote and or trivet also is a great option.

eight - Terrariums are my kinda plant, low maintenance & look great. These work in so many rooms to an outdoor deck for a little living decor. 

nine - Someone have a new home or new car? How about a chic key chain to hang those new keys on!

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