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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snack Time - Mini Egg & Cheese Sandwiches

There are a few things I know to be true...anything form of food made miniature is awesome and pretty much everything served in a mason jar is totally adorable. While I do have some seriously cute ideas for the latter I thought today I would tackle my favorite meal of the day - breakfast. Clarification, I absolutely loathe an early morning and just prefer my breakfast foods later in the day. So whether you are hosting a brunch, simply watching your portions or just want a cute breakfast snack, my mini egg & cheese bagel sandwich fits the bill. Added bonus -  the mini bagel will satisfy your bagel cravings without the guilt of a carbohydrate belly bomb.  


one fried egg {don't skimp on the butter, its how you get it to not stick & those delicious crunchy edges}
slice of your favorite cheese {I kept it real & used American}
mini bagels {toast with butter}
2 slices of bacon {I cut my slices in half & cook in oven till crispy, it helps keep it flat & sandwich size}

I'll spare the instructions as it's pretty self explanatory but seriously, how cute is this little guy?  Totally a fun way to serve a petite version of this breakfast staple, perfect to make when you host a brunch at your home where you can serve with other mini's like mini mimosas, waffles, donuts and so on...enjoy!

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