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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Style & Real Estate - Laguna Beach

The super brutal winter here in Boston has left me feeling sour towards our little city. We often joke our dream life would include living on Nantucket in the summer, Boston in the autumn/spring and somewhere warm for the winter. Our brief getaway to St. Barth's has me majorly craving long summer days, the feeling of the sun on my skin, the ability to leave the house without layers and trading in my snow boots for flip flops. I feel it's safe to say that after the holidays and the first snow fall winter loses it's luster. So while that dreamy habitation of a new city for each season may not be realistic we have seriously considered renting a home somewhere new and warm for a year before we have any real commitments to home ownership, pet's or a family of our own. I have searched every warm weather climate I could think from the east coast to the desert southwest and finally California where I stumbled upon this amazing little black and white cottage that has me quickly reaching for the suntan lotion and packing my bags with summer clothes. I seriously can't believe how adorable this rental is and being steps from the beach is really just a luxury I would donate an organ for. It's so hard to find rentals that have stylish furnishings and finishes. This bungalow has it all and much much more. Take a look at all the gorgeous photos and shop some home items at the bottom to get this modern beach look for yourself. 

1 comment:

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