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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Club W

I don't belong to many monthly subscription services but when I read that Club W ships wine to my door I knew this was definitely a company I could get behind. What is different about this company is they offer limited time small batch wineries you may not otherwise know of or have the opportunity to taste. They are all priced extremely well and you can take a break any time by adjusting your preferences. I personally love that they come with little information cards letting you know what they pair well with, a description of the flavor and some general tidbits about the winery it came from. You can join here to get a little signing bonus off your first order or visit the site to check things out. If you visit their blog "the juice" you will get tons of information about what's going on in the wine world, delicious recipes and more. I just got my first delivery of the beautiful bottles and can't wait to try them all. I definitely will be gifting this service for my wine loving friends and family. Some of the available wines right now are below.

1 comment:

  1. Just signed up for my first delivery through DNS ~ so excited! xoxo


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