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Friday, January 23, 2015


I have to admit, my first experience with Rent The Runway wasn't a good one. When I am met with a poor first go with a place or a service, I am always hesitant to give it another try..but upon seeing their new service called Unlimited I think a second chance may be due. Unlimited is a new program where you pay $49/month and get to build your wardrobe from thousands of fashionable items. You pick your top three items from your "virtual closet" that get mailed right to your door. When you are done with the clothes, you ship them back & pick your next trio. Bonus - if you love them, you can buy them at a discount! Sounds like a win win right? I am curious to give the service a try, I have already built my "queue" with a few favorites and put together a cute little weekend look with those items below. Have a great weekend everyone!

Untitled #725

jacket, scarf & earrings all Unlimited by Rent The Runway // silk tee // flats // tote // sunglasses // denim


  1. Interesting - I didn't know that the new unlimited thing included all sorts of different clothing items, I thought it would just be the party dresses. I'll have to check it out!

    1. I know I wasn't sure either till I built my account & went through all the fun items, it's more accessories & jackets etc. but a good way to test drive some items without having to buy them outright.


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