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Friday, May 9, 2014

Keeping It Real

 I thought I would start a new series today named "Keeping It Real" where I will share honest reviews of items, retailers and services that I promote on the blog. First up was my experience yesterday at the Rent The Runway showroom at Henri Bendel. We all know RTR for their designer dresses and accessories available for rent at a small fee. I personally hadn't used the service before but since I was in NY I thought I would test drive their new "store" concept where you can try on the dresses before you commit to renting them. I had arranged the appointment online and corresponded via email with a "style consultant" on the two dresses I was specifically interested in seeing in person. I sent the link to the item, the dress name and size I would need, once I had confirmed all the details with this representative I made my appointment. When I arrived in Henri Bendel I had some difficulty finding the RTR space within the actual store. Once located I checked in and was told to enter the shop where I waited 25 minutes for my appointment. During that time I snapped some of the photos you see in below. I had numerous people ask me if I was being helped and I would simply respond "waiting for someone to help" of which no one showed up till almost 30 minutes later. When my consultant finally graced me with her presence she asked me what I was looking for. I was confused because I would have thought my profile would have been updated to show that I was there for the gowns previously requested. She had no idea what I was speaking of so I then had to go through the web site with her to show which dresses I was interested in as they weren't on the floor {a sign I already noticed that things weren't going as I had hoped}. She then disappeared for a bit leaving me in a fitting room waiting to only come back and say they don't have any notes for me about those dresses {luckily I had all the email correspondences proving otherwise} and they had nothing for me to try on. I was walked out and told I wouldn't be charged for the appointment which was ridiculous because I was never told there was any fee for the appointment. It was a total disappointing experience and most importantly a waste of time for the customer. Their lack of professionalism and internal communication definitiely has made me rethink promoting this brand in the future as I have positively done in the past.

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