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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide - For The Pets

Yesterday as I finished packing up the car to head to NYC, I stepped in dog poop not once but TWICE and ruined a pair of my favorite flats. Which I dwelled on for my four hour drive to the big apple. As I called to tell my my mom the story, I instead I got my dad on the line who kept things in perspective by telling me "that's hilarious, wait till I tell Khloe & Kaiser". Which I turned into an opportunity to start brainstorming what I am getting those two loves of my life. So whether you are gifting your faithful companion or someone who has a beloved pet, there are tons of amazing presents to give to those furry friends of ours or those who are pet obsessed like moi.
Untitled #702

one - John & I had a pet fish together when we first started dating, it's home was definitely not as chic as this one, maybe we should give it a try again!
two - I may not be a cat fancier but this scratcher is super chic for $50!
three - Calling all hipster dogs...this bone zone hat will help keep those ears warm all winter long!
four - Make travel on the go with your pet a breeze in this cute carrier.
five - Dress up your furry baby with this cute bow tie over the collar.
six - Merry Woofmas to all & to all a good night!
seven - Mac & cheese in the form of a biscuit for pooches and how can you resist those tartan tins.
eight - Travel made easy with these foldable bowls.
nine - What pooch wouldn't want to call this little teepee tent his own for nap time. 
ten - Toys are always appreciated by dogs of all ages and these plaid scotties are no exception.
eleven - A city essential for those people who actually curb their dogs, these little bag wallet's clasp onto the leash so you never forget them.
twelve - Your furry babies kibble will look far more appetizing in this adorable candy colored trio of bowls & canisters.
thirteen - I wish these little puffer jackets came in sizes big enough for bigger dogs, shouldn't they get to look stylish too?

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