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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Girls Only

No offense to the fellas but today is strictly for girls only. Today I want to to talk about the garments that we wear underneath all our fashionable items. You know those torture devices that keep everything in place and smooths out our figures to look it's best in your clothes.  Pretty much every woman I know has worn some sort of shape wear, even the thin gals need a little help keeping everything where it should be. I will never forget the first time my husband saw me putting on a pair of tights {it looked something like this} that had the built in control top. The ridiculous maneuvers and moves I displayed as I squeezed my german hips into these impossibly taught nylons left him stunned like a deer in headlights...I knew when he stayed with me after that it was true love and also that some women's secrets are better put on in the bathroom where no one witnesses you squirm into spandex. So back to the task at hand being the curvy gal that I am I have tried about a million different styles and finally have a few favorites that I thought are perfect for wearing under dresses, pants and whatever else your body desires. 

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