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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get Your Glow On

I don't know about you but come cooler temps, my skin becomes severely dehydrated. I'm sure I don't drink enough water but I swear the weather is really the significant contributor to making my skin look dull and feel coarse. So I have been testing out a slew of products to create my perfect glowing skin. You know, that dewy summer glow that we all wish we could achieve year round. The most important element I found was trying to avoid looking shiny, no one wants to look like a sweaty's not cute. Radiance was the goal and I feel like with the help of five products I finally feel I have a little round up of products that have helped me moisturize my skin but also providing coverage without feeling like a heavy veil of makeup is caked on my face each day.
Untitled #691

one // two // three // four // five

On top of my anti-aging regimen that I do daily, I apply moisturizer with my hands all over my face and neck. You will really want to let this soak in before proceeding as it's the all so important base to making the other products work. Some people like a mist or a facial oil but I have to try either thus far. I then go to my trusty concealer. The combination of bb cream and concealer provides a perfectly creamy concealer to cover my under eye area. After the concealer is evenly blended in I go to one of my all time favorite products, Borghese splendor which gives me the healthy glow I so desperately need. You only a need a little and I apply it with my beauty blender in small dots around my face. Finally for a little color, the beauty balm in vanilla glow is my top layer to pull together the entire look. What are your favorite beauty products for getting your skin glowing???

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