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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tasting Room

I feel like a broken record these days with my bad posting habits. Honestly, the internet was horrific in NYC and I couldn't get a single thing done without losing my mind, so my sincere apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. I don't know how anyone gets anything done in that city! We arrived in Washington D.C. last night and lucky for me the internet is working - yahooooooo! As I was perusing instagram last night, I spotted such fun concept on one of my favorite bloggers - Note To Self feed and I thought I would share with you in case you haven't seen. The Tasting Room is a personalized wine club where you are sent samples of several wines which allows you to try a variety of brands and different grapes to find the perfect wine to satisfy for your taste. The starter kit {$9.95} will send you a few petite sample bottles of which you rate to your liking, submit to the company and they curate larger bottles based on those reviews. It's such a clever idea for those who can find selecting wine a daunting process. It also makes a great gift for the wine lovers out there!

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