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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Custom Clothing

Admit it, there is nothing quite like finding a dress that perfectly fits. It's an instant boom to the old self esteem and when you like the way you look, you can ooze confidence when walking into a room. However, having clothes made custom wasn't really affordable, that is until I found out about a few online retailers like Piol and Numari that allow you to tailor a dress to your style and size. Piol breaks down the color process for you based on your skin, hair and eye color then let's you choose your desired silhouette, fabrics, lengths and so on. The most fun part is it shows you what the finished item will look like throughout the process. Numari is a bit different and gives you a few already designed options to choose from allowing you to change, hem, sleeve and some other details all made to your measurements.  Oh & you want some custom shoes to go with that new dress, you can pick color, heel size, strap designs and so much more with Upper Street.

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