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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beauty Roundup

Ever get tired of every single product you own? I do. While I am definitely loyal to a few tried and true beauty items i.e. mixing Calypso Vanille & Lavende for my signature scent & my beloved drugstore mascara, I was pretty much done with everything else that I was using. While there was nothing wrong with my previous products it was fun to revamp my cosmetic case with some new products in new hues for Spring. Some of my new favorites are below with notes below on how I wear them. I'd love to know what is your favorite beauty product?

Untitled #629

When I walked into Bloomingdales for my new products my goal was a dewey natural sun kissed glow. Yes that is a whole lot of adjectives to pretty much describe that I wanted to avoid looking tired and dry from this horrible New England weather. I decided to not spend all my money at one counter and visited a few different brands for some favorite products I knew and loved as well as some new ones to help me achieve the best version of myself. Let's start with the face. My skin is dry, like sahara I need a great moisturizer stat! While I use this lotion after cleansing before bedtime with my "unwrinkle pads" {that I use on my face, neck & hands}, I decided for my everyday desired "glow" the MAC Strobe Cream would be a great morning lotion to help soften my skin before the application of makeup. I then apply my tinted beauty balm {in vanilla glow} with my favorite applicator for even distribution. On top of that I use bb cream concealer {in light} to hide the dark circles that take residence under my eyes. Then I apply a soft coating of bronzer {in laguna} all over and a bit of blush {in dame} on my cheek bones. Once the face is complete I move to my eyes. I am not sure if this is the right way but I then apply mascara {in black noir}. Followed up with a layer of MAC pro longwear paint pot {in painterly} as a base. Another soft swipe of shadow {in naked lunch}. I then line my eyes with a plum pencil {in boredeauxline} topped with another soft swipe of shadow just over the liner part {in beautiful iris} a hue that I believe works with for eye color. Finally, the lips and my most favorite. I personally never find a single color that is just right so I always like to mix of a few. I first start with Nars Matte Lip Pencil {in sex machine} then a soft coat of Lipstick Queen {in crime} for an added pop of pink pigment. For touch ups I turn to my favorite gloss {in the pink} for a sheen and softening element. 

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