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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Take Me Away - By Train

My obsession with Downton Abbey and their opulent way of life has inspired me to research travel through Europe. While my husband and I have visited a few of the big cities I do hope to return soon and explore more of the countryside and smaller cities and what better way to do that then via luxury train ride with private cars quipped with all the amenities that even the Dowager Countess would surely approve of. When I stumbled upon the Venice Simplon Orient Express I was instantly intrigued by the glamorous form of travel and it's old fashioned sensibilities. Passengers are literally treated like royalty during their journey and get to travel in the lap of luxury between two continental destinations. I personally would love to do the London-Venice route which has you traveling in two grand locomotives all while  passing through incredible scenery including the Swiss Alps and the Italian Dolomites. However any of these luxury train clubs would surely fit the bill for a truly memorable experience with your special someone. Just take a look at the beautiful interiors below and tell me you don't want to get "all aboard" abroad!

Since this train travel requires some formal attire to keep up with the elegant experience. A stunning evening gown for the lady and handsome tux for the fellow cannot be forgotten to be packed.  If money is no object some of the travel accessories below most definitely can contribute to your luxe journey.
Untitled #596

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