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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sip & Snack - Pinterest Inspired

What was life like before Pinterest? Was our only source of inspiration reading magazines and going through cook books? I honestly feel like I can't remember. While I do love the old fashioned page turning with a cook book or food mag for recipe ideas, Pinterest always just seems a little more fast and convenient. One item I have pinned and have seen pinned over a zillion times are these no bake energy bites. I bookmarked the original recipe in hopes one day I would remember to make them. Well since I was trapped inside all day yesterday, I was stuck with a "sip & snack" dilemma, something had to be made with what I had in our very small pantry. These little bites fit the bill perfectly. I kept the "sip" portion super simple and had a glass of milk, my husband opted for a vanilla milkshake...shocking, I know. 

I used coconut, half of the mini chocolate chips, honey instead of maple syrup and omitted the flax seed mostly because I didn't have it on hand. They were super easy and super delicious, these little bites will definitely be on repeat in this house for a quick treat!

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